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7s to Burn is a classic 3 reel by 5 pay-line slot machine from developers Barcrest. Be sure to crack open a window, maybe plug in multiple desk fans because this is a hot one, but you already knew that didn’t you? Don’t think that because this is a vintage slot that you understand everything there is to know about 7s to Burn. This slot is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover based solely on the various features that streamline throughout this slot.


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Play S TO BURN no deposit slots

Play 7s to Burn

Seeing as this is a vintage themed slot, it only stands to reason that the symbols you find on the reels are represented via all of the classic symbols that you know and love. Expect symbols such as red hot cherries, citric oranges, juicy lemons, ripe plums, and some rather mouth-watering watermelons. There is also the classic Bars, golden bells and stars to keep an eye out for also.

The main symbol you will be wanting to have in the winning pay-line in this slot happens to be a flaming hot 77, this is this slots highest paying symbol, offering a rather hefty pay-out depending on how many of these symbols are implemented within the winning pay-line. This symbol is also 7s to Burn’s wild symbol, a symbol that can cause even higher cash pay-outs should you let it. We played 7s to Burn on the site Egypt slots a site that are clearly expanding their roster with the addition of this slot.

Play 7s to Burn Bonus Features

The high-roller feature in this slot isn’t triggered via matching scatters and things of the like. All that one needs to do is simply hit the hi roller button in order to begin. This feature allows one to play 5 rounds of spins where the fiery wild symbol we mentioned above will substitute for each and every icon on the reels! This is different to your typical wild in that it would only turn the symbols in your winning pay-line into higher potential wins.

7s to Burn Developer

Introducing Barcrest: not only a rising star in the world of online slots, but is also building a lasting legacy as one of the more user-friendly businesses simply due to innovation and passion. So many game devs lose sight on what is most important in the industry and are doomed to fail from the start. Barcrest play to the importance of this industry everyday, providing user friendly games that are sure to make you laugh, cry and cheer in joy as you see the money just rolling in. Not many game devs can do it like these guys can.

The Verdict

7s to Burn is not your typical by the book vintage slot. Developers Barcrest clearly had a specific idea in mind when they decided to imagine and then execute this idea. This is nothing like the vintage slots you’re imagining, this is an experience of fiery proportions. Play 7s to Burn today.

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