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The thriller music combined with the environment of the laboratory makes it a slot game with lots of thrilling moments. Will the player be able to help the scientist in making new potions or will the horrors and mysteries of this laboratory consume the player. To find out your fate play this game right now on The game focuses on the fiction based laboratory with all the different potions and creepy items that are placed in the scientist’s library. The game has an RTP of 96.1% with 5 reels and 30 betways. The coin value can be changed between 0.01 to 2.



Play Alchymedes

The genre of this slot game is Thriller. The music is the most catching element of this slot game as it gives the player chills in the spine owing to its creepy tunes. It will keep the player focused on the reels with fear of the unknown running through his veins. Due to its music the gameplay experience of the game is multiplied manifolds. The theme of the game is focused on the scientist’s library with different coloured potions , some flasks and random creepy items placed here and there. The scientist is upto no good , No sane person would experiment with such creepy items. The slot box is engraved in a metallic border with different lab flasks on both sides which are full of fluids and which change their contents as the player progresses in the game. The slots of this game are depicted by either card deck symbols(lower valued slots) or different coloured potions(higher value slots). The animations of the slot game are worth praising and they come at their best when the reels are spinning.

Play Alchymedes Bonus Features

The game offer several bonus features which include the Levelling up feature which includes the feature that whenever a winning combination is formed the background of the winning positions will turn into gold , finally when all turns gold the level is turned up. Each win contributes to multiplier on the right side and whenever the level is complete it will be applied to the last spin. The After completion of each level several bonuses maybe awarded to the player which include upto 2000 coins , 2x multiplier ,3x multiplier, one wild position added , two wild positions added etc. The second bonus feature of this slot game is the wild pattern. If the wild cards land anywhere on the reels then they greatly help in forming new winning combinations for the player.

Alchymedes Developer

Yggdrasil is a very renowned developing company and has managed to keep up to its reputation of being a very professional and competitive developer company in slot games. There are several other titles by Yggdrasil which are similar to this slot game in terms of gameplay, fun and rewards. Those games include Wolf Hunters ,Dark Vortex , Hanzos Dojo , Tuts Twister, Lucha Maniacs and many others.

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