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The blackjack is a popular online slot available for play on EgyptSlot. It is an ideal game with an ‘all black’ symbols. The slot presents interesting features. Usually, the online casino slot happens to be a play between a dealer (automated) and a (real human) player.


Play BlackJack no deposit slots
play blackjack no deposit slots
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Play Blackjack

The objective of the Blackjack online casino slot is that the player pulls (draws) a number of cards whose value would be higher than the ones in the dealer’s hand to in turn earn real money. The drawn cards are, however, not to go beyond 21. Going over 21 is called “bust”. An automatic loss.
Stakes are made before the game play. Usually, this slot is for the high rollers. But it allows for low and medium stakes too.
The symbols in this slot game are a range of card numbers going from 2 to 10. They all give a payout unto 10. The A card is an interesting one. It can attain the dual role, acting as a soft (11) or as a hard (1). That is, if you have an Ace and a 3, it will be a ‘soft’ if the Ace is counted as 11. Then, you call that, a soft 14. But if Ace is taken as 1, then it will be called a hard 5. The hands holding both cards in the respective terms are called the ‘soft hand’ and the ‘hard hand’ respectively.
When the cards are higher than the one in the dealer’s hand, then there is a win. Having two blackjacks is called a push. That is, the dealer and the play both hold a 21 each.
If there is no blackjack in either hand, there will be an analysis of the card in the hands of both the dealer and the gamer. The following are the possible moves.
Stand: taking no more cards, thus, leaving the dealer to let down his cards.
Hit: taking another card. This can go on until there is a bust or a stand.
Double down: raising the stakes to a multiple of 2X and take a card more.
Split: splitting two cards into spate hands, with each card in either hand. Each split hand is dealt a second card. Then the gamer can continue with a stand, a hit, a double down, etc.
Surrender: considering the odds, if the possibility of losing is high, the punter can surrender, losing half of the bet placed. That is better than losing all. Nevertheless, understanding the risk, and being one who never backs down, he can take on any of the actions above.

There are sets of rules that govern the blackjack, but most of the ones pertaining to the gameplay have been highlighted here. Want to give this a ‘push’ or a ‘hit’? Hit the Play Now button!

Play Blackjack Bonus Features

The bonus is really dependent on the player. If he is able to draw a blackjack, that is, 21 from the value of his cards, then he has an automatic win. The payout will be dished at 3:2, against the normal 1 to 1 for regular wins.

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