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The Blackjack 21+3 table game offers the basic version of the Blackjack gameplay and a new variation of side bets that allows players three interesting betting options.
In Blackjack 21 + 3 table game, players have just one objective; beat the game dealer at the game simply by ensuring that they get enough points valuing 21 points, also, players are permitted to get a 3 card side bet that would in turn pay more the value that a player’s initial cards (the first two) and the value of the Up Card dealt by the Dealer, the first objective of the game is prerequisite for a pay-out while the second option is just an extra to the player. Players can place bets starting from $1 up to $2,000 with the side bet value starting at $1 and the maximum betting range of $200.


play BLACKJACK  PLUS  REALISTIC slots no deposit
play BLACKJACK  PLUS  REALISTIC no deposit slots

Play Blackjack 21 Plus 3

The gameplay is simple, players place bets and are dealt two cards that they can see, the dealer also is dealt two cards (one of which faces up and the other down) Players who place the 3 Card bet are guaranteed of a pay-out valued at the going rate, so long as they get a winning combo. Available gameplay chips are valued at different prices; white, red, green, black and purple valued at $1, $5, $100, $500 respectively.
The Blackjack 21 + 3 table game can be played with six decks. The game can be played in three different ways, the ‘Perfect Pairs’ which follows the normal gameplay described above, pay-outs are paid in pairs with the following pay-outs; when both cards in a pair are mixed (5/1), when both cards have similar colours (10/1) and when a player gets a perfectly matched pair (30/1). The ‘21+3’, where players bet on the ‘+3’ section in the hope that the two initial cards dealt and the faced-up card (the dealer’s) combine to create a mini-poker hand. Pay-out includes; The Flush (5/1), the Straight (10/1), the Three of a Kind (30/1), the Straight Flush (40/1), and, the Suited Three of a Kind (100/1). The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the Perfect Pairs gameplay is set at 99.34%. No information is provided for the other gameplay RTP.
The game design offers an attractive and easy-to-play system that even includes detailed instructions, best suited for players who wish to enjoy a Blackjack game that offers very interesting side bets.

Play Blackjack 21 Plus 3 Bonus Features

Players get an improve winning chance with the ‘Split’ gameplay feature, here, players who get dealt two similar cards get a chance to double bet values.

Blackjack 21 Plus 3 Developer

This is a wonder Blackjack variation that was developed by Realistic Games.

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