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The Blackjack Classic game offers a classic game feature that many players enjoy because it maintains many of the original blackjack game features successfully. Not surprisingly, players get a theoretical RTP that is higher than most (99%), this is arguably a game that offers players the best winning chance.


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Play Blackjack Classic

The gameplay of this unique table game can be described as classic, standard and simple. Betting limits range between $1.00 up to $40.00, with huge winning chances. Playing for real money really gets very rewarding and interesting with this classic Net Entertainment creation, the player gets a chance to deal up to five hands at a go, allowing them to accumulate wealth fast.
The simple gameplay allows players play Blackjack Classic table game easily in addition to its theoretical RTP being set at 99.75, betting levels are varied at a low, normal or high limit.

Play Blackjack Classic Bonus Features

Play Blackjack Classic game with 6 card decks that get shuffled following each gameplay session. The bonus features are ingrained within the gameplay itself, for instance, when a player gets dealt two similar cards, the player gets the choice to split into two hands (‘Split feature), this gives the player a double of the initial bet value. There is also the chance for Insurance and Even Money. A player gets to buy Insurance when the game dealer is dealt an Ace, in the event that the dealer fails to win a Blackjack, the Insurance is forfeited and the player can get an Even Money deal when the player wins a Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace.

Blackjack Classic Developer

The game was developed by NetEnt. NetEnt happens to be one of the pioneering digital gaming company that designs gaming software as well. They gain their popularity from real casino simulations and have more than 20 years of experience.

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