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Whether it’s online of offline, this slot from Merkur gaming is a very classic vintage fruit slot game with a bright and colourful twist. This is clearly inspired from 80s pop culture in how it is presented. Everything from font to lay-out, it all has its purpose in creating a sense of nostalgia for the player. This is a 5 reel slot played out over 5 fixed pay-lines, thus making it an incredibly simple slot to grasp at face value. Slots like this are the perfect entry levels into this type of medium if you have never played them before.


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Play Blazing Star

These slots are simple to grasp in nature, simply select your bet amounts and spin, matching symbols in perfect correlation with other shaped symbols. Each symbol will possess a different numerical value, making each successful spin as different as the last. Be sure to check out our full review below.

Play Blazing Star Bonus Features

The look and feel of this slot is very basic, which also plays into the simplicity of Blazing Star overall. Keep that in mind before you think about playing this slot. Remember that there is an offline mode of this slot, so it might be that you want to play this slot for the sheer fun of it.

When we said that what you see in this slot is what you get in Blazing Star, we meant it. There is no bonus features in this slot, no wilds, no scatters and no free spins. This is a homage to vintage slots of old, a series of games that are renown for having little offerings in terms of bonus features. Bets can be placed at a rather low amount, which can make it the perfect entry level slot (as we’ve already stated). All that one needs to do is to simply match the fruits! It’s just that simple. Fruits in this slot include cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes and watermelons; all as tasty as the last.

Blazing Star Developer

What’s brighter than the sun? Merkur gaming that’s what. With an entree of games at their disposal, it’s quite simple to answer the question of why their games are so popular: they’re just too fun. The sun on their logo is only as bright as their ideas (and trust us, they aren’t lacking in that department). Not many devs out there have the dedication and have the intestinal fortitude to come out with an experience such as this.

The Verdict

What Merkur have managed to do here is nothing short of innovative. These guys have taken the classic fruity and have managed to make it their own. So many slots out there seem to follow a set mould in how they go about creating a vintage styled slot. Blazing Star is such a welcome change to the formula. We’d liken this slot to any vintage styled slot out there, but in doing that we’d be selling this slot short. Play Blazing Star today and take a trip across the cosmos. Be sure to play this slot on Egypt slots too, doing so will give you the best experience possible.

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