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With the Big Time Gaming developer tag on Bonanza Mega, you can easily see why this is a popular title on that value alone. These guys understand what makes an online slot at a style that is greater than the sum of its colourful yet addictive parts. Bonanza Mega is a very simple game that is perfect for those who are yet to try out the online gaming industry for themselves.


Play BONANZA MEGA slots no deposit
Play BONANZA MEGA slots no deposit

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Yes it is true that there isn’t that much variety in the gameplay, but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in class/style. The flamboyant colours that permeate through the screen are reason alone to pick up this title and play it out for yourself. Be sure to play this slot on sites such as Egypt slots! A site that is renown for its exciting experiences.

Bonanza Bonus Features

In order to activate Bonanza’s scatter you will have to spell out the word ‘gold’ with the letter symbols which can be quite difficult to do. This will reward players with a rather high score compared to matching the regular symbols. Spelling out the word ‘gold’ will also award 12 extra games, as well as an additional series of scatter symbols that will appear on the reels at multiple times.
Not only will you see a change in gameplay but you will also see a change in location — instead of being on ground level you will instead be transported underground into the mine. You will feel a sudden shake with each matching symbol while in this location — a really interesting touch that will encourage you to play more and more to get into this feature.

Bonanza Online Developer

They say there’s an online slot out there for everyone and the odds of it being a Big Time Gaming title is very likely. Look out for these guys, they just so happen to be a force to be reckoned with. The ever growing reach of this Australian game company spans far and wide, offering unforgettable experiences crafted by hand. This has of-course attracted some rather big names to the fold including a range of rather well known customers including: Leo Vegas, Betfair, Sky Vegas and William Hill — all names that are synonymous with quality.

The Verdict

Bonanza is an online slot that already has your attention due to the Big Time Gaming tag, a tag that has pushed many various titles to stardom across the online gaming stratosphere. Anyone who is a fan of fast working slots such as Starburst and Danger High Voltage will find similar footing here in how the bonuses help push gameplay on a fast slope. A very simple concept that is executed with surgeon like precision: a tagline that should be placed somewhere in the game in order to best state why you should be playing this title. If you enjoy slots of old with an adjusted gameplay setting, play Bonanza Mega you will no doubt regret it trust us.

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