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This is an alternative to the analogue way of picking up number lines and calculation to win a lottery. This slot gives you the chance to make an instant cash without hassles. The slot has surrealistic features that make you feel as though you are playing a real lotto machine. That is impressive. The balls glow beneath the soft light. They appear in colours of blue, purple, deep pink and every beauty in between.


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Play Boss the Lotto

The aim is to walk through the matrix and successfully discover the good balls. The bad ones don’t just spoil your reputation as a gamer, it also spoils your game. You’ll soon realize.
Begin the game by placing your bet from 1.00 to 10.00 coins. Always remember, the higher the stake, the higher the pay. The maximum bet option is the one that guarantees the jackpot win. Betting with 1.00 is not so bad too. You can get 500,000. But how big are your dreams? Are you scared of not achieving your dreams more than you are scared of not trying at all? The ball indeed is in your court! (Pun intended).
Boss the Lotto presents 49 balls. Six of them are evil; they terminate games, bets and any hope of getting a chance to hit the jackpot, irrespective of how far you have come. It is therefore important to thread this mill carefully. The jackpot win offered by this slot is a smashing 5,000,000 credits, with a corresponding value of 1 to 1 in the UK currency. Clicking on each ball will make it spin and get changed to a currency sign if a good ball was struck. If a bad ball was taken, it shows itself as a black sheep with its other family members. However, the saddening issue is that it ends the game and bring you back to where it all begins. If brave, and daring, you might save yourself the heart worries. You can just slide your finger through the line of ball numbers, hoping they come out fleshy. If they do, that’s great news!
There is a title box below, which indicates the total amount present in the wallet. Control options such as the positive and negative, are available to set the desired stakes. The win rate is 1 in a 2.3. However, since it is random, the odds might favour you or be otherwise. Hope you do take your hat of love along, before playing.
The Return to Player (RTP) is 91% rate par.

Play Boss the Lotto Bonus Features

Well, if you are familiar with the lottery system, you will know that there is usually no bonus available any other than the winning combination. So, the jackpot and petty wins are the consolations of playing. But if you hit the jackpot, do well to notify us at EgyptSlots, we are coming to crash a party tonight!

Boss the Lotto Developer

EgyptSlots brings Boss the Lotto to you. It is proudly developed by Gamevy, an integrated company of experts that come together to create interesting game slots. You should try to play Diamond Deal slot by the same developer. It could earn some real quick cash.

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