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Play Breaking Bad Casual Now

this slot offers two variations; a normal screen regular play version and the HD version, the game boasts of some unique bonuses, one of which is the Heisenberg’s Super Free Spins.
As the popular Southern saying in the United States infers, one breaks badly when the person lets all hell loose. The game theme is premised on a blockbuster story that involves a schoolteacher by the name Walt and ex-student (Jesse), literarily break bad and get into the art of crystal meth production right inside a mobile home. Like the gaming company is known for, IGT once again creates a fabulous slot game out of an existing television opera, very similar to their previous work that featured such TV blockbusters like the series ‘House of cards’ and everyone’s favourite – ‘Orange is the new black’.


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play Breaking Bad no deposit slots
play Breaking Bad slots no deposit

Play Breaking Bad Casual

IGT goes overboard with this slot game, as they put effort into creating a game theme that really does ‘break bad’, the full-sized HD display plays back cut scenes from the movie itself, the audio soundtrack of this slot is also iconic as well as the lightning effects and visuals. There is however no voice over playbacks from the movie incorporated into the movie like with IGT’s Avatar slot game.
The Breaking Bad slot game design is terrific with card symbols ranging from A to 9 (all from the usual card playing decks). These symbols happen to be the game’s low-value symbols. The game incorporates chemical element symbols from the science periodic table and randomly selected trivia sounds. The human characters are on the flip side, the high-value symbols which also functions as the game’s wild symbol. The wild symbol can be substituted for all other symbols save the bonus trigger symbol (chemical icon symbol). The theoretical RTP of this slot game is set at 97.35%.
The high-value symbols include the main characters which are Walt, Skyler, Jesse, and, Hank, there are also the elements from the periodic table and the wild symbol (the mobile van house).

Play Breaking Bad Casual Bonus Features

The game’s wild symbol offers very impressive chemical reaction that translates into free spin bonuses. A player gets as much as five free spins when this feature is triggered. The wild symbol would need to land on either one of the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels.
The ‘Heisenberg’ free spin feature is activated when a player gets five of the golden moth symbols on 3 reels. Landing it on the 1st reel called the ‘Mr. White’ activates the ‘Chemist pays’ which then triggers the Heisenberg pay.

Breaking Bad Casual Developer

IGT is the developer of the Breaking Bad slot game and is famous for creating movie-themed slot games.

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