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The part that makes this slot most interesting is the question that who will ultimately succeed? Will it be the cops who manage to stop some very notorious robbers from looting a bank or will it be the cunning robbers who will claim the day and rob the bank of its huge money stocks. This game is based on thrill and fun because at any moment the game can take any turn. Player starts this game as a local citizen who is visiting the bank while the robbery starts taking place , will you side the cops and stop the robbers or do you want to have some part in the great loot as well? Try out your luck at EgyptSlots today. The game might take many turns before it concludes. This slot by Microgaming gives users an RTP of 96.75%. It has 243 betways with 5 reels.



Play Bust The Bank

The game’s theme Is about the bank and its inside compartments. You’ll either be surrounded by cops , thieves or money and lots of it. Choose your sides wisely because ultimately it is you whose pockets will be filled. Don’t hesitate to claim your rewards from the cops if you stop the thieves nor hesitate to join the thieves if you decide to loot the bank with them. The background shows the vault opening which so many thieves have dreamt of entering however only these cunning thieves have managed to enter the vault so far. Once you enter the vault then it’s an all you can eat offer inside. Collect the max wealth form inside as much as you can. The vault is the strongest section of any bank but its strength is of no avail in front of the skills of these thieves and they have successfully looted the vault. Slot box is a white coloured box which visually looks appealing on the grey vault entrance. Bordered by steel casings with metal from the vault door this slot box has one strong border. This game’s logo is displayed on the top. Symbols of the game are funny and interesting, they include an alarm clock with explosives, a security van, a bank, a policewoman, a truncheon copper and a cute police dog. Additional symbols include the scatter , wild and bonus symbols.

Play Bust The Bank Bonus Features

Bonus features are several which include the safe bonus which triggers itself when it lands on reels one and reel five i.e. when the safe opens and lots of coins fall out for the player. Second bonus feature is the piggy bank feature which is triggered if it lands on reel 3 which prompts the player to smash a pig on the screen that shows a monetary prize. Third bonus feature includes the pair of thieves who appear randomly on the reels consecutively awarding the player with bonus amount. Fourth bonus feature includes the free spins which are triggered by landing a minimum of 3 scatter symbols on the screen for which the player is rewarded with 8 free spins. During free spins reel 1 and 5 would always stay wild and for each scatter symbol landed during these free spins an additional free spin is rewarded to the players.

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