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Play Candy Bars slot game developed by IGT Slots. Many players since its release have enjoyed the candy-based experience that the Candy Bars slot offers and the game has gained enormous popularity over the years all over the world. The game offers a fun and flashy 4-reel experience that allows players fill game reels with milk chocolate candy bars.
This slot offers a variety of features, players can get information about coin value and their total balance, they even get to adjust game design features, as well as the auto spin feature.


Play Candy Bars no deposit slots
Play Candy Bars slots no deposit
Play Candy Bars Slot

Play Candy Bars

The wild symbols are the gumballs, this wild symbol can be used to complete winning combinations and to double player’s pay-out value when a player successfully lands two of the wilds, they get four times their play-out value. The wild symbols would usually appear on the 2nd and 4th reels, the wild symbol can be substituted for any other symbol in the game.
The highest-value symbol is the ‘7’ icon (the red coloured 7 icon on a blue background), this symbol pays 100 in the pay-lines when a player land four of it while the blue 7 icon with the red background pays 50. Other symbols include the sweet icons that pay 10x (when a player lands four of it) and 5x (when a player lands three of it. There are Blackout wins, they are triggered when a player gets the reels filled up with anyone icon (red 7s gets players the 25,000-prized jackpot and the blue 7s 12,500. Lastly, the candy Blackouts can earn the player 5,000 pay-out). The theoretical RTP is set at 94.89%.

Play Candy Bars Bonus Features

Winning the progressive jackpots is dependent on two factors: the location where the chocolate bars land on and the number of chocolate bars that a player lands. For example, when a player fills up the 2nd reel, the player gets the Snack Size win, while landing two chocolate bars on the reels at the centre get a player the King Size win, three on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels attracts the Giant Size win. Players only get paid the highest progressive jackpot (this is inclusive of winnings from the base pay-line).
The gumball symbol is the 2x multiplier when players land it on the reel, it can easily be exchanged for winning symbols and it gives a player two times the symbol’s value and drawing it on the winning line gives a player four times the value.

Candy Bars Developer

The Candy Bars slot game is available on and as its name implies is a candy-themed slot that was designed and developed by International Gaming Technology (IGT).

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