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Cash Buster slot game is not like every other slot you have seen. It is a game with a twist that will interest anyone that love to play UK slots. Instead of slot reels where you will hope for your symbols to line in order to win, all that stand between you and the cash here are colourful blocks that you will have to destroy with a dice. The playing experience is like no other in the online casino space. For the exciting and amazing experience of playing cash buster, you can play for real money in


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Play Cash Buster

Though Cash Buster slot game is quite different from what you are used to, you will be very surprised at the ease of the whole thing. To play Cash Buster, you have to start by setting your stake by simply pressing the (+) and (-) buttons as you wish. When you are satisfied with your wager, you can proceed to hit PLAY. It is that simple. At the initial stage, you will be given 8 rolls of the dice.
When you roll the colourful dice, the front will have a particular colour when it lands. If that colour matches any of the blocks in the cash buster zone, they will be destroyed along with any adjacent block of the same colour.
Once you succeed in destroying all the matching blocks in any given roll, the corresponding slots in the prize table will be filled. This means that after destroying 4 blue blocks, 4 slots on the blue row of the slot table will be filled. When you fill an entire row of the prize table, you will be awarded a win. Cash Buster Slot has a theoretical RTP of 85.30%. This doesn’t sound so promising, but the excitement of playing a unique game and some unique bonus features can compensate for that.

Play Cash Buster Bonus Features

When you play Cash Buster slots, you have to look out for ‘Extra Roll’ blocks. When you destroy one of them, you will be rewarded with an extra roll of the dice. Destroy more and get more rolls. There are also some precious blocks that have instant prize. When you are lucky to destroy them, you will get instant prizes.

Cash Buster Developers

Cash Buster slot game was developed by Instant Win Gaming, a UK company that has become known for releasing unique and instant win games in the gambling industry. They have launched over 250 games including popular ones like Monopoly and Fast Buck Lucky.

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One thing that makes the Cash Buster slot game stand out is its uniqueness and simplicity. If you like to play Cash Buster slot game, you will definitely like Cash Buster Tower and 25 Card Cash.

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