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This particular game is a reminiscence of an era far gone but not forgotten. This slot game is about fortune, as it will be revealed by its very own name. Another aspect connected to this game is the fact that is a very impressively made game, as far as its graphics go.



Play Cash of Kingdoms

The game is full of characters that roughly resemble Robin Hood, as well as the knights that he fought, except that in this game, the main character is a female Robin. The background of the game alone is enough to give an idea that you are in a very different time of history, but that is not everything about the game. The game has certainly a lot more to offer than its graphical details and texture. If played correctly and wisely, Cash of Kingdoms can easily help you win the cash of kingdoms, only if the player is up to the task.

Play Cash of Kingdoms Bonus Features

This game offers an RTP of 96.28%. Other features also include its minimum bet, which is 0.15, and the maximum that can be won in this game is 100,000. This game has a reel structure of 5 x 3. The most interesting feature of this game is that it has only 15 paylines which can be played both ways. Last but not the least, the game is available on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.
The exciting parts of the game lie in its Scatters and Wilds. As far as the Wilds go, they can be simple Wild, Stacked Wild, and Invading Wilds. As far as Scatters go, they can easily let the player as much as 10 free spins, along with 2 times multiplier. 1 free spin is also rewarded if more scatters are scored in the free spin round.

Cash of Kingdoms Developer

Games just like Cash of Kingdoms and many other appealing games have been developed by Slingshot Studios. One thing is quite certain about the developer is that they equally focus on the reward that is to be offered to the player, as well as the graphics.

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There are a lot of games that come close to Cash of Kingdoms as far as the theme and looks go. One remarkable game is Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. This game is not only set in the same era as this game but when playing the said game, you will easily be reminded of Cash of Kingdoms due to the similarity.

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Games that contain the same features as Cash of Kingdoms are Treasures of King Arthur and Forsaken Kingdom. These games are not just attractive by their cover as seen on their respective websites, but features are discussed, these games come very close to Cash of Kingdoms.

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