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IGT is responsible for this Egyptian-themed online slot, with a 5×3 reel-and-row layout offering twenty fixed paylines and a Free Spins feature for variety. When Cleopatra herself makes an appearance, all wins are doubled. RTP comes in at 95.02% in this slot game, with all the looks and sounds of Egypt’s rich cultural history providing the atmosphere. The Cleopatra slot is best played here at, where we also offer hundreds of online slots including Tutankhamun, Cleo’s Wish, Eye of Horus and Pharaohs Fortune.


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About Cleopatra Slots

If you’ve come to Egypt Slots to play games, you already know what we offer here; we have a vast and varied number of slots, but we focus on the very best of the Egyptian theme, which has been touched on by many developers, and in many styles. Historically themed slots have always been a popular choice, but Cleopatra doesn’t just settle for using the scenery of a time or place. Cleopatra herself really existed as the legendary Queen of the Nile, born in 69BC and surviving to 30BC, and in her time she was celebrated as one of the most beautiful people in the whole world. She also holds the distinction of being the very last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, during a time of conflict between the empires of Egypt and Ancient Rome. She even tried to resolve the conflict by marrying the Roman leader Marc Antony; a tale recounted on screen in the classic Hollywood movie ‘Antony and Cleopatra’.
The online slot that bears her name is a creation of the IGT studio, and presents itself in the classic and traditional style of five reels, three rows and twenty fixed paylines. That means nothing too complicated, and makes it a slot game you can pick up and play without having to study the rules, or spend time learning how the bonus features work. It looks fantastic, it plays smoothly, and it has plenty to please you with.
Stylistically, the reels appear as if they’ve been carved into an old Egyptian temple in the deserts of Luxor. The design is simple, elegant and well-realised, with hieroglyphics carved into the frames and columns of sandstone. Soft and gentle Egyptian music plays in the background to help you settle into the mood of this slot’s world, with a colour scheme that complements the theme perfectly.
The traditional playing card symbols of 9 through to A represent the lowest values in Cleopatra slot, although they’ve been given a suitable coat of paint and style to make them fit into the Egyptian world. Above them are a set of images from Egyptian history, including the legendary Eye of Horus, and a scarab beetle that will likely send chills up your spine if you’ve ever seen any of the ‘Mummy’ films from the 1990s.
Just as you’d expect, the most valuable basic symbol in this slot game is Cleopatra herself, who also serves as a wild. She was a wealthy pharaoh, and she’s also generous; any winning combination which involves her doubles in value. She’ll substitute for any of the slot’s symbols except for the scatter, represented by the cat-headed Sphinx, which is the gatekeeper for Cleopatra’s bonus feature.

About Cleopatra Slots Bonus Features

You’ll note that we said ‘bonus feature’ singular, because Cleopatra offers only one. Not every online slot needs a range of different bonus features to be exciting; if the standard slot is good and generous enough, one or two are all that’s required. IGT’s Cleopatra started life as a slot machine game that could be found in land-based casinos, and has been converted into an online slot, so it’s a slot with a classical twist.
The bonus that is on offer here is Free Spins. The concept of such a round won’t need any introduction to most players, but here it is; trigger your free spins round, and you get plenty of additional spins of the reels without the cost coming out of your pot. To get the fun started, you need to land a minimum of three of the Sphinx scatters anywhere on the reels. That gets you fifteen free spins.
As free spins features go, Cleopatra’s offer is generous; any winning lines found while the feature is active are worth three times the amount they would be in regular play, meaning you can really rack up your winnings here if your luck is in. Not only that, it’s possible to re-trigger the round if you locate a further free or more scatter symbols during the free spins. This remains valid up to a maximum of one hundred and eighty spins.
Between the treble-value payout during the free spins, and the double-value payout of any winning line that involved Cleopatra, this slot contains some great multiples that can really pay off well for lucky players.

Cleopatra Slots Developer

As far as companies in the online casino world go, there’s nobody bigger than IGT. Slot game development is just one of the gigantic firm’s web of activities, which includes software, hardware, gaming products and support services. They describe themselves as the largest ‘end to end’ gaming company in the world, and has some strong statistical data to back that claim up with. IGT is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and aside from its head office in the UK, it also has property and staff in Las Vegas, Rhode Island and Rome. The total number of people who work for IGT is in excess of 12,000.
Despite that enormous size, IGT still wants to grow and achieve more. They go into detail about their mission statement on their website, but stated in basic terms it’s to be the leader of innovation within the gaming industry all around the world. They want to embrace new technology, and lead us into the next era of casino games. Their slot game offerings will presumably be a large part of that.
In its current form, the company is the result of a merger between Gtech and an older American company called International Game Technology. After the merger went through, the IGT name was kept on the grounds it would be more familiar and accessible to players and potential business partners. The size and success of the company can perhaps best be understood by the value of that takeover; completing the deal cost $6.4bn.
IGT’s back catalogue of slots, casino games, roulette games and other playable entertainment almost defies counting; they have over two thousand products available, of which over four hundred are slot games. Picking highlights from that collection is almost impossible, but the success of their official licensed products, including the official Cluedo slot and the official Family Guy slot, is backed up by their original titles such as Da Vinci Diamonds, Miss White and Pharaoh’s Fortune.
The website of IGT is more geared towards marketing their products to casinos than it is to players, but there’s still some useful information about the Cleopatra slot in the ‘demo’ section of their homepage, in which they say the following:-

Take a trip down the Nile and unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Just as this passionate ruler captivated Rome’s great generals, she’s certain to keep players spellbound. Like the extremely popular video slot game enjoyed in land-based casinos all over the world, Cleopatra is a 20-payline game packed with exotic flavour, including the seductive voice of Cleopatra herself. Win 10,000 times the line bet with 5 Cleopatra symbols on a payline, 5 reels and 20 paylines in the base game, 15 Free Spins Bonus with all awards (except 5 Cleopatra symbols) tripled and the Free Spins Bonus can be retriggered multiple times. All the excitement of the classic Cleopatra game with fresh, colourful, updated artwork.
Their description is an honest account of what they’ve done with the Cleopatra slot; they’ve taken a land-based slot machine, given it a fresh coat of paint and uploaded it so it can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. They admit that it looks better as an online slot; but don’t they always?

Slot Games Similar To Cleopatra From IGT

Given the colossal size of IGT and their massive catalogue of slot games, it was inevitable that they’d re-visit the Egyptian theme more than once, and they have. They’ve published a direct sequel to the original slot game, along with several other online slots inspired by this exciting period of history. Here’s all the information you need on that sequel, along with some selected highlights from their other offerings.

Cleopatra Plus:

The first Cleopatra game from IGT was developed in the pre-online slot age, and adapted so it could be enjoyed by players everywhere. Cleopatra Plus, released many years later in 2016, is an entirely different animal. This was made with online slot players in mind, and so features vastly enhanced animations when compared to the original. It’s also broader and deeper. The same layout of reels and rows is still present, but the number of paying lines has been boosted to 40, and the variable RTP can creep as high as 96.50% depending on how far through the slot game you’ve progressed. The free spins bonus feature is one that could only exist in the modern era; as you collect scatter symbols, they slowly mount up, making the round more lucrative each time you trigger it, and rewarding long-term play. It’s far from easy to explain, and may not be what you want if you just want to pass a few minutes with a casual slot game, but it’s highly original.

Pharaoh’s Fortune:

If the complexity of the second Cleopatra game is a little too much to bear, then there are more simple pleasure’s to be had with the charming Pharaoh’s Fortune. It’s a much older slot, having been released in 2006 back when the format was relatively new, but it’s done with a tongue-in-cheek style that still makes it endearing now. How could anybody dislike a slot game that uses ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles as a backing track? The 5×3 layout features well-drawn symbols, but not a great deal of animation, and the RTP of 94.78% may be slightly low by modern standards, but the fifteen fixed paylines appear often enough and the solitary bonus feature – which is free spins just as it is in the Cleopatra slot – takes the unusual step of guaranteeing you a win with every spin, at a minimum of 3x your stake.

Crown Of Egypt:

With this slot game, IGT breaks from the standard 5×3 layout and give us a more expansive and involved playing experience. The beautifully animated Crown of Egypt was released in 2012, and the wider 5×4 reel layout allows for 1024 ways to win if you play it to its full potential. The Crown of Egypt online slot benefits from IGT’s ‘Multiway Xtra’ feature, whereby increasing your stake also increases the number of winning lines by paying out if symbols are on consecutive reels, even if they’re not directly lined up. As seems to be the theme with IGT’s Egyptian games, the only other bonus feature is free spins, but the multiplier that’s used during the spins depends on the symbol used to activate it. Once more, this is a more complicated slot than Cleopatra, but it’s rewarding if you’re prepared to spend the time needed to really understand how to get the best out of it. RTP from Crown of Egypt is 95.03% with Multiway turned on, and 92.90% without it.

Slot Games Similar To Cleopatra From Elsewhere

Online slots based in Ancient Egypt don’t just come from one developer; the existence of our website is a testament to that! Almost every major developer has at least one popular Egyptian themed slot online, and some of them have many more. Here are just three of the better-known ones to give you a feel for what’s out there.

Cleo’s Wish:

It’s hard to think of a more popular figure in Egyptian history than Cleopatra – with the possible exception of Tutankhamun – and so it’s no surprise to see that she’s been made the star of more than one slot game. This one comes from NextGen, who’ve taken a cuter and more cartoonish approach to their subject matter. The 5×3 layout, with 25 fixed paylines, can lure you into a false sense of security about the complexity of this slot, but it has hidden depths. Two different versions of free spins are on offer within the slot, one of which can in theory run forever so long as at least one wild symbol remains on the reels at all times. There are also random modifiers that can kick into life at any time, one of which can turn every symbol on every reel wild and literally give you money for nothing! It’s a very fun slot, with an RTP of 95.15%.

Ancient Egypt:

Cleopatra may not feature in the title of this leading slot from developer Pragmatic Play, but she most certainly features on the reels. Specifically, she looks as close as she could ever get to Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic performance as her on film without someone paying for an official licence! Playing the Ancient Egypt slot doesn’t feel as deep or dramatic as some of the other online slots we’ve looked at in this review, but if you’re after something that looks great and is easy to play, it will serve you well. A reduced number of symbols within the slot means that the ten fixed paylines are easy to find, and there are two bonus features to add a little spice as well. RTP is 96.13% here.

Lady of Egypt:

Again, even though Cleopatra’s name isn’t in the title here, we all know who the Lady of Egypt is and was, and she’s easily recognisable from this slot’s graphics. This is a highly original online slot from WMS Gaming, Technically, the layout is 3×3 which is the set of reels you spin, but should you find a win there, a separate 6×3 set of reels and rows to the right hand also starts to spin, which applies a multiplier on each reel until you reach the final reel, which may provide the jackpot prize. As such, it’s a sequential spot and technically has nine different reels spinning at the same time! It’s not as complicated as it sounds; all you need to do is focus on the 3×3 set, and the rest looks after itself. Because the base game can be quite lucrative, this slot keeps it simple when it comes to bonuses, offering just a basic free spins round. RTP is 96.08%, and working out paylines is difficult but works out as 35. You won’t play many slot games like this, and whether that’s a good or bad thing is down to your own personal taste!

Cleopatra On Mobile

Cleopatra was never designed to be played on a mobile device. It was never really designed to be played as an online slot; it’s just that every time technology has changed and moved on, the slot has still been popular, so IGT has brought it forward into the new era! We’ve already seen that they were able to turn it into an excellent slot game, but how does it fare as a mobile slot?
The answer is ‘very well’. IGT have shown their legendary title plenty of love and attention, and there are no issues with the mobile slot conversion at all. Every graphic and every sound that exists on the Cleopatra online slot is right here in the palm of your hand in the mobile version, with nothing being cut out at all.

The mobile slot can be played with your device in either landscape or portrait mode, but we’d suggest landscape if you want to enjoy Cleopatra to its fullest; not only do you get some extra authentic Egyptian background images, but the visuals look a little sharper to us too. There’s nothing wrong with them in portrait mode, but they seem to lose a touch of focus if your device is held that way around. The good news is that the reels are the same size whichever way you look at them, and the buttons are placed strategically so that they don’t get in your way.

In short, Cleopatra has been given the treatment that its legendary status deserves, and it’s as easy and enjoyable to play on a smartphone as it is on a computer.

Cleopatra Slot News

With so many years having passed since the slot was released, you may not expect anybody within the mainstream or gaming press to be writing about Cleopatra anymore. It may be a legendary slot game, but Alien is a legendary film, and you don’t necessarily expect to read about Alien every time you open a newspaper! Despite that, Cleopatra is so well known and so well loved as a slot game that it’s still referenced frequently, and especially when developer IGT find themselves in the news.

As an example, the developer has recently acquired a license to operate within the state of Pennsylvania, USA. The license covers everything that IGT offer as a company, and so they’re planning to roll out their full suite of operations within the state across the course of the first quarter of 2019. That’s yet another market opening up to a company that seems to dominate the world already! Despite everything that IGT has achieved since Cleopatra was released, with the PR Newswire website reported on the story, it was Cleopatra’s name that was mentioned as an example of the work that IGT do. It seems that no matter what IGT do, they’ll always be associated with the hit game that they first developed almost 20 years ago!

Play Cleopatra at Egypt Slots Today

Cleopatra is one of the best known and best loved online slots of all time. Every slot player should play it at least once, and so we at Egypt Slots are going to help you try it out! Register with to play today, and we’ll give you ten free spins to use exclusively on this slot.
We don’t require any deposit from you to join us, so there’s nothing to lose! However, if you do want to make a deposit upon signing up, we have a great deal for you. We’ll match any deposit you make 100%, up to a maximum of £100. That’s double your money, plus another 100 free spins to use on the Cleopatra slot! See our promotions page for all the extra incentives we offer, including leaderboard prizes, tournaments, cash back offers and much, much more. is here, waiting to be discovered. Come and explore!

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