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A charming online slot from the NextGen development studio, played on a 5×3 layout with 25 fixed paylines, and RTP of 95.15%. Cleopatra is the star of the show in this slot game, which takes place in a cartoonish 3D depiction of Ancient Egypt. A novel Free Spins bonus feature keeps things interesting, as do some random base game modifiers. The best place to play Cleo’s Wish is here with us on, where it’s one of hundreds of great online slots including Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Eye of Horus and Pharaohs Fortune.


Play CLEOS WISH no deposit slots
Play CLEOS WISH no deposit slots
Play CLEOS WISH slot

Play Cleo’s Wish

One of the best things about setting a slot game in Ancient Egypt is that you’re never stuck for scenery to inspire you. From the Sphinx to the Nile, to the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt’s history is full of dramatic images that make for the perfect slot game environment. Plenty of slots have drawn on the themes, though, and so if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to add a little extra to catch a player’s eye.

Next Gen has taken a double-pronged approach to this. They’ve called upon Cleopatra, one of the most famous of all the land’s Pharaoh’s, to feature as the mascot of the slot game, and your friend as you spin the reels. She’ll do all she can to make sure you come away with a good win! As well as that, they’ve gone with an unconventional approach to this slot’s aesthetics. This is a beautiful online slot to look at, with a quality of animation that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern Disney Pixar movie. NextGen must have put the hours in at design stage to get things looking this good.
The reels of Cleo’s Wish slot are set into a transparent frame, which grants us a glimpse at the panorama of the ancient world, brought to life in vivid colour. Pyramids stand to each side of the reels as if lending them support, as the blue waters of the Nile stretch away towards the hills in the background, kissed by the golden sun. Cleopatra herself is with you at all times, standing to the left of the reels and posed like she’s helping out on a TV game show. She looks happy to be there!
As is common in a game with a 5×3 layout, the lowest value symbols on the reels are occupied by playing cards, which in this case go from 9 through to A. The picture symbols are worth more to you. There are four of them; which in order are an ankh, some golden bracelets, a scarab beetle and the Cleo’s wish logo.
The reels wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Cleopatra herself, and so her smiling face serves as the slot’s wild. She’ll replace any symbol to create a winning line, save for the Pyramid symbol, which is the Cleo’s Wish scatter, and will provide access to the game’s bonus features. The bonuses in Cleo’s Wish slot are exciting and original, so let’s talk about them!

Play Cleo’s Wish Bonus Features

Bonus features can happen one of two ways in Cleo’s wish; there’s a free spins feature which is triggered by the scatter symbols, and can be played two different ways, and then there are modifiers to the base game which can happen entirely at random.
We’ll look at the Free Spins first. To get this feature started, you need to land three scatter symbols (represented by the pyramid and labelled ‘BONUS’) in any position on the first, third and fifth reels. When that happens everything stops, and you’re offered a choice from two cards. Depending on which one you choose (it’s a blind pick, so it’s random), one of the two free spins modes will begin.

The first of them is called Cleo’s Parade, and the really great thing about it is that in theory, it can run forever. You begin with five free spins, but every time you find an additional wild, you get another free spin. The slot will help you out with that; when this mode starts, the fifth reel is entirely wild! With each spin, the wild reel will move one to the left. If a further three scatters appear in the right places, the fifth reel will once again turn wild, meaning you could potentially have two wild reels on screen at the same time. The free spins will keep on coming until you reach a point where you don’t have a single wild symbol left on the reels.

If you don’t get Cleo’s Parade, you’ll get Eternal Riches mode instead. You’ll either get five or ten free spins, with the promise of some further ‘super spins’ after your first set runs out. The aim of the game here is to find as many wild and scatter symbols as possible during the first set of free spins. Each wild you land will add a multiplier to the value of your super spins (maximum: 20x stake), and each scatter gives you three more super spins. When the initial free spins end, you then play as many super spins as you were able to win, with whatever multiplier you achieved applied to all winnings during the super spins. If you did well with the free spins, this is the most lucrative feature Cleo’s Wish slot offers.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to land the bonus features though; this generous online slot will help you out as best it can. When the mood takes it, and on any spin, it might apply a random base game modifier to the reels, which could be any of the below.
Wild Reels will turn somewhere between one and all five reels completely wild for the next spin. Five wild reels will win you the slot’s jackpot, so cross your fingers for that!

Added Wild isn’t quite as generous as wild reels, but it will throw in plenty more wild symbols onto the reels for your next spin, upping your chances of a good win.
Sands of Fortune shift in your favour in Cleo’s Wish, too. When this modifier activates, every picture symbol on the reels turns into one matching symbol, making it far more likely your next spin will result in a good win.
We like it when a slot game makes us feel like we’re getting something for nothing, and the reel modifiers in Cleo’s Wish achieve that. The free spins feature is generous and original, and the idea that we can keep them going forever if our luck is in really appeals to us. When you take the great bonuses, and also consider the cute graphics and bouncy backing music, Cleo’s Wish is a brilliantly fun online slot with plenty of appeal.

Cleo’s Wish Developer

Australian online slot developer NextGen Gaming has been in the business of designing slot games for more than twenty years, meaning they were there when the idea of online slots was born, and they’ve stayed with it as it’s grown. From a company structure point of view, they actually belong to a much larger company in Scientific Gaming, but SG continues to let them do their own thing, and develop their own slots. Although everything they create technically belongs to SG, you’ll still see the NextGen Gaming logo on it, suggesting they retain a degree of independence from their parent company.
NextGen is a developer with a clear and concise philosophy. According to the mission statement posted on their website, Their aim is “To always strive to create games that deliver extraordinary entertainment and quality – with integrity and in collaboration with our partners.” Just doing the basics will never be enough for NextGen. Entertainment is their watchword, and on the basis of Cleo’s Wish, it seems they do a strong line in originality as well. They’ve lived up to their word in the development of this slot game.
Every developer has certain online slots that they’re proud of more than their other creations. NextGen has a ‘featured games’ section on their site which highlights the current stars of their roster. Although Cleo’s Wish is clearly well thought of by the people who made it, the current slots they feature in that section are King Kong Fury, Flame, Queen of the Castle, Foxin’ Wins, Kingdom’s Edge, Jackpot Jester, The Wild 3 and the official slot game of popular 1990s movie ‘The Mask’.
Later on in their biography, they talk about an aspiration that other developers don’t often mention openly; the desire to ‘retain’ players. In a world where hundreds of slot games are released every single year, plenty of them become disposable; they launch with little fanfare, they’re played for a couple of months and then they’re forgotten. NextGen doesn’t want that for their creations. When they’re designing something new, they ask themselves what about their project will keep players coming back for the long term. They view slot design as a balance between art and science, and have a staff of young and ambitious designers and managers who stand ready to take slot design into the future.
Helpfully, NextGen has published a full guide to Cleo’s Wish, within which they give us their own take on the slot and what makes it special, saying:- “Meet Cleo, monarch of a new millennium! Enjoy a divine time with Cleo’s Wish™, where your spunky Egyptian host presents heaps of RANDOM WILD ACTION in the main game and 2 SPECIAL FREE GAMES VARIATIONS – Win up to 10 FREE GAMES with either STACKED WILDS or a SUPER SPINS feature where SCATTERS and WILDS are collected to award MORE FREE GAMES and a GROWING MULTIPLIER! Through our modern-day spin on ancient Egypt, we’ve embraced all of Cleopatra’s (Cleo is what she prefers to be called nowadays) drama and playful antics. ‘Cleo’ is our spirited star in this multi-feature game, complemented by stunning 3D artwork and a catchy beat.
We would never pretend to know the Last Queen of Egypt well enough to say whether she prefers to be called ‘Cleo’ or ‘Cleopatra’, but we’ll take NextGen’s word for it. They’re spot on about the quality of the artwork and the soundtrack though; Cleo’s Wish is an immersive game-world that exists to entertain and excite, and we love it.

Slot Games Similar To Cleo’s Wish From NextGen

Ancient Egypt is a popular choice for developers when it comes to choosing themes for slot games, and NextGen is prolific in terms of the volume of slot games they release. Does that mean they’ve released other slots using Egypt as a theme? You bet they have. Here are three different examples of their work in this field.

A While On The Nile:

The cartoonish style of Cleo’s Wish is here again in A While On The Nile, but it’s a 2D world as opposed to a 3D one, which looks like it was taken directly from the pages of a comic strip. This is a classically-presented 5×3 slot with 96.60% RTP, but fifty available paylines thanks to a ‘Super Bet’ feature, which opens up more and more paying lines dependant upon how much you’re willing to stake on each spin. There’s also a prize picker, and a free spins round up for grabs, so this is a slot that offers plenty of variety. This isn’t as pretty or cinematic a slot as Cleo’s Wish, and it’s not as original in terms of the bonus offerings either, but there are worse things you could do than spend A While On The Nile.

Ramesses Riches:

This slot is a more sedate affair both in look and in feel, with a simplistic approach to the graphics and little in the way of sound other than a jingle when the reels are spinning. In keeping with the simple theme, it’s an uncomplicated slot game to play. The 5×3 layout yields 20 fixed paylines, with an RTP of 96.42%. Ramesses (sometimes spelt ‘Rameses’) was one of the better known Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt just as Cleopatra was, and so he’s more than worthy of having an online slot named in his honour. There’s only one bonus feature on offer within Ramesses Riches slot, which is a free spins round, but any winnings you’re able to find while it’s active are worth treble what they would be in normal play. That means you’re in for a good time if you can trigger the feature using the slot’s scatter symbols. It’s not as unique or attractive as Cleo’s Wish, but then again very few online slots are.

Tootin’ Car Man:

This inventive slot is as close as NextGen have come to Cleo’s Wises in respect of flair and originality. In Tootin’ Car Man, Tutankhamun, his friends and many of the symbols of his home have been relocated to the Las Vegas strip, and they’re setting off on a road race. The slot is partially inspired by Egypt, and partially by the casino-rich world of Vegas. The themes mesh together better than you might expect them to do! There are some great little extras to be had here as well, such as Tutankhamun driving his car over the reels at the end of any spin at random, and turning the symbols wild as he moves over them. In a separate bonus, he’ll drive his car around the rim of a roulette wheel, on which every number is a multiplier. You win whichever multiplier he stops on, and it’s awarded to you as an instant cash prize multiple of your stake. It takes a creative mind to come up with this 5×3 slot, which has 20 fixed paylines and 95% RTP.

Slot Games Similar To Cleo’s Wish From Elsewhere

The fact that Egypt Slots exists at all tells you that there are many online slots which work with the Egyptian theme. Cleo’s Wish isn’t even the only one to star Cleopatra! We have plenty of other slots for your consideration and enjoyment if Egypt is your thing, and here are three which stand comparison to Cleo’s Wish.


Slot games don’t come with a much bigger reputation than IGT’s Cleopatra. Just as the Pyramids have stood in the Egyptian desert and withstood the test of time, Cleopatra has been with us since the days before online slots, and made it all the way into the digital age. No matter how many Egyptian-themed slots come and go, this one manages to stay popular, and even with all the variety we offer on it remains one of our most popular slot games. IGT designed Cleopatra to be timeless, and aside from a touch-up of the graphics to make it viable as an online slot, it’s the same game it was when it was first designed all those years ago. Cleopatra serves as the slot’s wild (just as she does in Cleo’s Wish), and doubles the winning value of any line she helps to create. There’s a free spins feature in which all wins are of triple value (something it has in common with Ramesses Riches). Cleopatra has a 5×3 layout, 20 fixed pay lines and an RTP of 95.02%. It’s not as flashy or modern as Cleo’s Wish, but it’s more than a match for any of the more traditional slots that have been made in the past few years. Take this legendary slot for a spin yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Lady Of Egypt:

You don’t have to include Cleopatra’s name in the title of this slot for us to know who it’s about. Ask any historian who the first lady of Egypt was, and they’ll tell you Cleopatra. An attractive and seductive Egyptian woman welcomes you into this slot, and we think it’s safe to say that we all know who she represents. WMS Gaming is responsible for this unusual online slot. There are two sets of reels on the screen at all times; a 3×3 set which you spin, and a 6×3 set which spins on its own. If you find a winning combination on your 3×3 reels, it travels on up the second set to increase your potential winnings. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually really easy; all you need to do is spin the reels you control, and everything else that happens is automatic. Because the layout and base game is quite involved, WMS chose to add in only one bonus feature here, which is a standard free spins session. RTP clocks in at 96.08%, and big wins are all down to how lucky you are with the automatic reels. It’s not for everyone, but if you like to try new things you might love it.

Queen Of Riches:

When Cleopatra sat on the throne of Egypt and controlled all its wealth, that made her the Queen of Riches. If you set an online slot in Ancient Egypt and call it ‘Queen of Riches’, you must be talking about Cleopatra! Big Time Gaming developed this online slot, which is a vast and complex one. Six reels are waiting for you to spin them, and the number of rows can change from spin to spin, peaking at seven. Bonus features can turn one or several of the reels wild, or ‘copy’ the contents of one to another, giving you duplicated symbols and enhanced winning chances. We don’t know which poor soul had to count them, but there are 117,649 different ways to win in Queen of Riches, backed up by 96.90% RTP. Presented with those numbers, you’d like to think you stand a good chance of taking at least something away as a win!

Cleo’s Wish On Mobile

Cleo’s Wish was released at the very end of 2017, and so we’d expect it to have been designed and tested with mobile slot players in mind. We’re heading towards a boom period for mobile slot gaming, so any developer not pulling their weight with getting their collection of slots ready for mobile players is likely to be left behind.
NextGen’s partnership with SG Gaming serves them well here; the slot loads inside SG’s software wrapper, which optimises it for smartphone performance. As a result, there’s nothing to complain about at all. The visuals are just as cute and sharp, the soundtrack has been ported across in full, and the experience of playing the slot is identical. We’re very happy with it.
As a bonus, the slot can be played with your phone held in either landscape or portrait mode. The reels shrink a tiny bit if you play in portrait mode, but they’re still comfortably large enough to see properly. The buttons relocate themselves depending on your orientation, and you’ll see either less or more of the background, dependent on which way up you’re holding your device.
Cleo’s Wish is a great online slot to play on a computer, and it’s also a brilliant mobile slot as well. We love it, and we’re glad to have it here at!

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