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You will find yourself in color cubes casual amidst a rainbow of conspicuous cubes with hues of colors. This game is very similar to candy crush. The graphics are superb as it has crystal clear animated cubes and the soundtracks are relaxing as it spices up the gaming experience of the player. Colour Cubes is mobile and desktop compatible and can be played on The best part of this online casino game is that it fast, fun and easy to play. This game does not have any reels or pay-lines but promises great prizes. For anyone that is enthusiastic about real money slots of if you are just looking to play UK slots, Colour Cubes Casual slot game is just the perfect online casino for you.


Play Colour Cubes no deposit slots
Play Colour Cubes slots no deposit
Play Colour Cubes slots no deposit

Play Colour Cubes Casual

Colour Cubes is a grid of distinct colours of cubes. You have to collect a number of specified cubes to earn the prizes associated with those cubes. They have to have the same color to complete the rows on the paytable. It has an RTP of 93% and the minimum and maximum wager that you can place are £1 and £10 correspondingly. To start the game you can choose either the Go tab (manual gameplay) or the Auto-reveal (automatic gameplay).
The symbols of this game are the Red Cube, Star Cube, Blue Cube, , Bomb, Orange Cube, Green Cube, Yellow Cube, and Pink Cube. You can win up to an unbelievable amount of 250,000 coins in this casino game. There are different winning combinations in this game, which include Pink Cubes, 10 Blue Cubes, 9 Green Cubes, 8 Yellow Cubes, 7 Orange Cubes or 6 Red Cubes. Two lines will be seen moving across the grid each time you hit the GO button.
As soon as there is a winning combination, they will be taken off the grid and transferred to fill the empty spaces of the paytable. The number of cubes that you need to collect to make winning will be displayed to you at the paytable. The game comes to an end after nine turns are completed. Whenever you play Colour Cubes Casual slot game, you can be rest assured that there is never a dull moment.

Colour Cubes Casual Developer

The Colour Cubes Casual is developed by IGT. IGT has a worldwide recognition for developing and publishing entertaining, captivating and easy-to-play online casino games.

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