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This attractive Egypt-themed online slot is presented by IGT, and features a 5×4 reel-and-row layout boasting 1024 ways to win. Free Spins are on offer as a bonus feature, as well as a base game modifier which increases your winning potential. The slot is a slick and atmospheric representation of the Egypt of old, and offers players a maximum 95.03% RTP and a maximum jackpot of 5000x stake. We’re proud to offer it to players, who can also enjoy hundreds more quality slots such as Tutankhamun, Cleo’s Wish, Eye of Horus and Pharaohs Fortune.


Play Crown of Egypt slots no deposit
Play Crown of Egypt no deposit slots
Play Crown of Egypt slot

Play Crown of Egypt

The online slot market is full of Egyptian-themed slots, and we love almost all of them. We wouldn’t be able to create Egypt Slots if there weren’t brilliant slot developers out there, constantly finding new and exciting ways to use the theme. Ancient Egypt, with its beautiful architecture, myths and legends and artefacts which have stood for thousands of years, will always be a source of fascination for humanity. With the same spirit of innovation and dedication to great design that the Egyptians themselves showed in building the Pyramids, IGT put Crown of Egypt together in 2012. Even though a few years have passed, this slot game is easily equal to many of the more recent slot games out there in both look and feel.
The real-life Crown of Egypt was worn by many famous historical heads through the ages, although we know them better as Pharaohs, who were treated almost like living Gods by the people of the time. Tutankhamun and Cleopatra are two of the best known by the Western world, although Ramses and Khufu are also well known, as was Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti. None of them feature by name in this slot game, although the Gods and symbols of their time are all around you as you spin the reels on the expanded 5×4 layout.
Soundtracks in online slots don’t come much livelier – or louder – than they do in Crown of Egypt slot, and the pacy Egyptian rhythm makes it impossible not to tap your foot along as you play, as well as adding a sense of urgency to your game. The size of the layout means you can’t see much beyond the reels, but there’s a sense of looking down a tunnel; perhaps one that’s been dug into the side of a Pyramid by a brave explorer. The huge resources behind IGT’s development studio mean they can invest in quality graphic designers, and it shows here, with some truly gorgeous visuals.

Minor symbols on the reels are occupied by the playing cards J through to A, but above them, everything is in keeping with the slot’s theme. Three Egyptian Gods, including Anubis and Ra, occupy the middle ground, but it’s the Pharaoh and his wife who offer the best value. The Queen is worth the most of all, which is appropriate; women were as important as men in Egyptian culture, if not more important. They were a long way ahead of us in terms of equality!

The slot’s logo serves as the wild, which is restricted to appearances on the second, third and fourth reels only. It will replace every other symbol to create winning lines for you, with the exception of the scatter symbol, which is a strange glass Pyramid, and provides access to the slot’s primary bonus feature. Let’s talk about that a little more.

Play Crown of Egypt Bonus Features

Nine times out of ten, IGT create online slots in a traditional fashion; they present the base game in a beautiful way and make sure that it’s entertaining enough without needing too many bonus features on top. In their most recent slots, they also have a ‘Multiway Xtra’ feature which boosts your chances of coming out with a good win – if you’re willing to pay for it.

The way that Multiway Xtra works is actually simple and straightforward. First of all, you need to be playing Crown of Egypt with all 40 paylines activated. Secondly, you need to find your way to the bottom left-hand corner of the playing screen and find the ‘plus’ button. You should be very aware that doing this doubles your stake, and so every spin will take more out of your pot, but if you have the budget to support it, we believe that the risk is worthwhile because of the potential reward. With Multiway Xtra active, symbols no longer need to appear in straight lines in order to count for wins; they only need to be on adjacent lines. That means straight or diagonal, or in fact anywhere. This is how the online slot is able to offer 1024 ways to win. It may not be a traditional bonus feature in that it doesn’t create a side game, or give you anything for nothing, but as it boosts your winning potential, we believe it merits inclusion in this section.
The more recognisable bonus in Crown of Egypt slot is a Free Spins round, which is triggered by the mysterious glass Pyramid. You may be used to landing three or four scatters across the reels to trigger bonus features in other slots, but it works a little differently here; the symbol has to appear twice on the third reel, i.e. right in the middle. It doesn’t have to stack, so twice on any of the four rows is fine. When this happens, the background of the slot will turn blue, and you’ll be rewarded with ten free spins. If instead of two, you actually land three or four of the pyramids on the required reel, you’ll accordingly receive fifteen or twenty free spins.

When the free spins are active, all of the symbols are worth more than they are in the standard game, and so your winning lines are worth more too. To make things even sweeter, the round re-triggers if the Pyramid symbol lands in the right places again, up to a maximum of 130 spins.

Crown of Egypt Developer

IGT probably have to be classed as the largest single company currently operational in the world of online casinos. They do everything you can think of within the industry, with developing slot games just one of their interests. Their website is heavily geared towards casinos and sites like Egypt Slots instead of customers, but a glance at it gives you a sense of the company’s scale. Not many of the developers we work with are big or bold enough to float on the New York stock market, but IGT is. They call the United Kingdom home, and the base of their operations is here, but they also have prestigious offices within Las Vegas, Rome and Rhode Island. Over 12,000 people are employed by them directly.
Even having grown to such a monumental size, and achieved success with almost every endeavour it’s undertaken, IGT is still looking to do more. Their stated objective as a company, which is also available for the public to read on their website, is to become the outright leader of the entire gaming industry, both in terms of innovative product design and size. They’ve probably managed the latter already; the former is a bone of hot contention, as many development studios go head to head to push slot game development into the future.
The IGT that exists today was the result of a much older American firm by the name of International Game Technology being acquired by a British-based firm called Gtech. Gtech wanted to expand within the casino sector, and the old IGT had a name which would help them do that. It wasn’t exactly cheap or easy; the final price of Gtech’s purchase was $6.4bn. Once it was completed, the new and expanded company decided that the IGT name was more recognisable and accessible than Gtech, and so they rebranded themselves using their newly acquired trademark.
It’s almost impossible to count the number of casino products that IGT have created over the years; it includes online slots, physical slot machines, hardware and software solutions and even lottery systems, but their searchable product library online contains more than 2000 entries, including nearly five hundred slot games. There are many, many highlights within that collection, but the names you’re most likely to be familiar with are Da Vinci Diamonds, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Miss White and the legendary Cleopatra slot. On top of that, they’ve also created the official slot games of Family Guy, and the popular Cluedo board game.
The information section of IGT’s website concerning Crown of Egypt is currently blank; you can play a demo version of the slot game there, but there’s no detail about the slot itself direct from the developer’s mouth! We’re sure that’s an oversight, and should they ever correct it, we’ll keep you updated here.

Slot Games Similar To Crown Of Egypt From IGT

Given the popularity of Egypt as a theatre of scenery for online slots and the vast size of IGT’s library of slot games, it was inevitable that at least a few alternatives to Crown of Egypt using the same theme would be online. Here are three of IGT’s slots which also contain the symbols of this ancient world.


One of the most legendary slots of all time. We’re not just talking online slots either; Cleopatra existed as a physical slot game before online slots were even accepted by the mainstream. It’s one of IGT’s most iconic creations, and also one of the most popular slots we offer to players here at Egypt Slots. The good-looking and atmospheric slot has lost none of its appeal over time, and looks just as fresh today as it did years ago when it was first released. The only bonus feature on offer within Cleopatra is a free spins round, in which the value of any winning line is trebled, which can make for a generous payout if your luck is in. Also, any winning line featuring Cleopatra herself (the slot’s wild symbol) doubles in value, so combine the two features together within free spins and you’ll really enjoy your game! RTP here is comparable to Crown of Egypt at 95.02%. It doesn’t feature anything like as many ways to win, with a smaller layout of 5×3 and 20 fixed paying lines, but it doesn’t have to go big to be great. There’s a reason it’s survived for this long. Take it for a spin and find out for yourself!

Cleopatra Plus:

Such was the success of the original Cleopatra slot that IGT created a sequel to it; although this version of it didn’t see the light of day until 2016. All the charm of the original is here, but the enhanced possibilities that online slot technology provides have been used to their full effect. The animations are smoother and crisper, and the whole thing is a lot prettier; that’s impressive in itself because the original Cleopatra slot is a good-looking game. It uses the same 5×3 layout but offers an uplift to 40 paying lines, with RTP adjusted upwards to 96.50%, although the precise return-to-player rate hinges on how far through the slot you’ve progressed. To get the best out of Cleopatra Plus, you have to be prepared to sit and play it for a while. If you want something you can just pick up and play on a whim, you might be happier with Crown of Egypt slot. We say that because the best bonus features in Cleopatra Plus are reserved for players who’ve been able to collect scatter symbols over a prolonged period of time. Each scatter you collect here is remembered, and counts towards your overall tally. The more you’ve encountered, the higher the multiple that will be applied during the free spins feature. It’s both intelligent and original, but can be off-putting if you’re just looking to pass ten minutes!

Pharoah’s Fortune:

In direct contrast to Cleopatra Plus, Pharaoh’s Fortune is the most simple of the Egyptian-themed slots that IGT offers. It’s more simple than Crown of Egypt, too. Part of that is down to its age; Pharaoh’s Fortune slot hit the market in 2006, at a time when online slots were a novelty, and the market was first finding its feet. It’s still as charming as it’s ever been though, and it was designed with a graphical style that’s timeless. The animations may not be slick, but the basics look good, and that’s worth more to us. Delightfully, the backing music in this slot is ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles, which is impossible not to love. Granted, it may become a little repetitive when you’ve heard it for the fiftieth time, but you always have the option of playing with the sound off! As an older slot, the layout is 5×3 as you’d expect, and the number of fixed paylines is also low at 15, with 94.78% RTP, but the bonus feature takes a step that very few online slots before or since have been willing to offer. It’s a free spins round, and it promises that you’ll win at least something on every single spin, with a minimum return of 3x your initial stake every time. Who could say fairer than that? Old it may be, but stingy it isn’t.

Slot Games Similar To Crown Of Egypt From Elsewhere

You already know that there’s no shortage of Egyptian themed online slots; without them, there wouldn’t be an! You’re welcome to browse our full collection of games and take a detailed look at what we have to offer but here are just three of the alternatives out there to give you a taste of what’s available.

Queen Of Riches:

You can’t have a Queen unless she’s wearing a crown. If we’re talking about the Queen of Egypt, then she must have been wearing the crown of Egypt, and that makes this online slot from Big Time gaming a fair comparison! It’s a quirky and unusual slot game that makes a heavy departure from the standard layout of reels and rows. There are six reels in play at all times, and a variable number of rows which can go all the way up to seven, which results in a varied and volatile playing area, and a maximum of 117,649 ways to win. With an RTP of 96.90%, if you can’t find at least some of them with regularity, you must be doing something wrong! The extra reels in this game tie into the bonus features; one of the bonuses turns either one or two of the reels completely wild, with obvious implications for your chances of a big win. The second bonus can ‘clone’ anywhere between two and six of the reels, meaning the same symbols appear on each of the copied reels. That can include a reel full of wilds, and winnings can be huge when the slot is feeling generous.

Lucky Pharaoh:

Any Egyptian fortunate enough to wear the crown of Egypt would have to be a lucky pharaoh, and so that makes this slot from Big Time Gaming a fair comparison to the slot we’re reviewing, too! Doing away with flashy bonus features and animations, this slot is as simple as simple can be, with a five-by-three reel and row layout, and ten fixed paylines with a comparatively low number of symbols. The slot’s flair comes from its bonus feature, which instead of being triggered by finding scatters or wilds is automatically activated whenever you win anything of a value of more than 4x your stake. You can trade your winnings for a ‘power spin’, which is a free spin on each individual reel, during which a wild symbol will be added, with varying multipliers. It’s basic to look at and basic to play, and so it may not be for everyone, but it requires less focus and attention than many modern slots, so it’s a fine choice for a casual gaming session.

Egyptian Rise:

We offer so many online slots that have taken a similar approach to Ancient Egyptian scenery that we feel it’s only right to mention one which has shaken the format up; NextGen gaming’s Egyptian Rise has re-imagined Egypt and all of its icons as bright neon lights, of the kind you’d find on the Las Vegas strip. The hyper-colourful 5×3 slot has an impressive 243 ways to win and a very generous RTP of 97.76%. The way Egyptian Rise slot implements its bonuses is kind and innovative; they’re in play almost all the time. Every time you find a winning line, you get one free spin with an extra wild added to the reels. Keep on winning, and after four consecutive wins, you’ll enter the Pharaoh Feature, where additional wilds are added to the reels, and every single spin is free until you’ve made three non-winning spins.

Crown Of Egypt On Mobile

Crown of Egypt was released during an interesting time for slot games; online slots were big business, but mobile slots were still a relatively new idea. So how does Crown of Egypt fare when you move away from your computer and try to play it on your smartphone instead?

For the main part, it does OK, but you will notice some differences. The software IGT have used to create the mobile slot forces you to play with your device in landscape mode, which if you’re used to playing mobile slots however you please is a little frustrating. We suspect it was programmed back in 2012 and hasn’t been revised since, so it could use a fresh coat of programming paint in this respect.

Secondly, the graphics have been re-drawn. This is a different version of the game. The background has been completely altered, with sandstone columns either side of the reels, and the symbols aren’t as sharp or clear as they are when you’re playing on a computer. There’s nothing all that wrong with that – it still functions the same way, the slot plays smoothly and the busy background music is still present, but the overall feel is one of a lesser quality.
Crown Of Egypt is still enjoyable to play as a mobile slot, but you are left with the impression that you’re playing a substandard version of the computer-based slot game. As more and more players move to mobile slots from their computers, it may be worth IGT’s time to come back to it and give it another try.

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