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Being Familiar with Gamevy, one would know there aren’t many surprises in their slots. Only a little twist once in a while. Then, beyond the game arrangement, there is how the company keeps her player’s game elements of risk and fun –at bay. This is another slot with the sparkling jewels. Just like the name goes, the theme goes on with the diamond deal. The game opens with the starlights and sparkling gems falling down on a stage, on the axes of the rays of light. Being regular does not make the slot an easy one.


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Play diamond deal no deposit slots
Play diamond deal game

Play Diamond Deal

There are shiny treasury boxes arranged in the 5 X 10 grid slot scene. Each box holds sacred jewels –nothing or diamonds, which have interesting payouts. A box can either be empty or treasure-filled. When a reel is clicked, there is a motioning created that opens up the box and reveals what is inside. If a diamond is present, light toggles, and celebrates your win. Coins and prizes are added for the win. If nothing is present, then, there is o show!
Well, it is ironically interesting that the Diamond Deal online slot offers a life chance. There are given numbers of moves that the player is meant to carefully play with. Once the chances are out, the GAME OVER flashes in your face like a naughty kid.
Still, if no diamond was found in the hard toil of trying to make the game count, the automated bot action will show you where they are hiding. That would be after you have lost and been tagged “UNLUCKY” by the same naughty flash. Then how do you know what box to open? Well, you won’t know. That is why you are banking on luck. Isn’t that what every game player does? Gambling!
It is no mystery when it comes to the online slot, the higher the stake, the more the wager, the higher the payout.
The stakes go over from 1 to 10, minimum and maximum, per spin. Also, as there is the Quick Pick option, to allow an automatic opening of the treasure boxes. This is modified against the usual autoplay featured in other online slot games.
The slot offers a Return to Player (RTP) rate par of 90%.

Play Diamond Deal Bonus Features

There are no special bonus rounds or tipsy finger for this slot. What is available is the jackpot win whose minimum can at least earn more than 100 thousand bucks.

Diamond Deal Developer

Gamevy is a developer of online slots for online players. The company’s works are growing in acceptance. In the world of online casinos, we await more.
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