Play Dragon’s Luck Power Reels

Play Dragon’s Luck Power Reels Now

The game that is about to discussed features a very interesting and a very frequently discussed creature, but that’s not everything in it. This game is much better than what can be referred to as its predecessor



Play Dragon’s Luck Power Reels

While both the games have the same names that barely fits the description of Dragon’s Luck, the original and initial of the two games, Dragon’s Luck Power Reels is all about extended reels. However, to say that the game only offers more reels than its predecessor would be quite insufficient, to say the least. There are a variety of offers and features that can easily allow any player to challenge their luck and see how much it is on their side. With a remarkably attractive Chinese background depicting the aura and spirit of the Dragon, there is no doubt that this game is equally, or possibly more entertaining than Dragon’s Luck.

Play Dragon’s Luck Power Reels Bonus Features

Here are a few things you’d want to know about Dragon’s Luck. This game is featuring an RTP of 96% and offers 10 reels. The game only offers 30 Paylines and the minimum bet that can be made in this game is 0.2. As far as the Jackpot of this game goes, it is 3,888. The symbols to look out for in this game is the 138 symbol, which, if found 10 times in the paylines, can allow the player to win 3838 points. Next to this symbol is the Doll symbol which can offer as much as 3460 points.
The important thing about this game is to keep an eye open for the Dragon symbol. This symbol can offer not only 5 free spins but also reveals a secret symbol that can only be found when the player has scored the Dragon symbol.

Dragon’s Luck Power Reels Developer

Red Tiger is the developer of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels and happens to be one of the most sought names in the field of slot games. Dragon’s Luck was also developed by Red Tiger and holds the same feature and opportunities for the player. Red Tiger in this game has not only extended Dragon’s Luck but has promised to give the players a great deal of opportunity to try their luck to their best.

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Dragon’s Shrine and Double Dragons are some of the most remarkable names that are not only associated with Dragon’s Luck Power Reel but also happen to share the same theme as the game. Other notable names also include Dragon’s Daze and Miss Fortune.

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4 Seasons is not just a kind of game that is associated with a fluffy theme but also happens to share a great number of features and offers that are found in Dragon’s Luck Power Reels. Prissy Princess also happens to share the same category with Dragon’s Luck Power Reels in this matter.

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