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This is not your typical Egyptian themed slot, Egyptian Rise is set well into the future. A time where Neon Lights line these reels, only allowing the experiences gathered here to be incredibly different than if you were to play something completely different. Looking for a site that features a lot of other options for you? Why not try Egypt slots, a website that clearly cares about what you think, you need only look at the catalogue of games under their belt to see that out for yourself.


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Play Egyptian Rise no deposit slots
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Play Egyptian Rise

Egyptian Rise is a 5 reel slot that features over 243 ways of winning on the reels. This is a very large amount when you think about it, making every spin on the reels different from the last, and who doesn’t want that from these types of experiences. The main pull for this slot is its theme, gameplay is quite basic in that it features all the telltale signs of your standard slot, but the theme and design here is what will bring you to this slot with an open mind. Not enough information for you? Be sure to check out the rest of our review below.

Play Egyptian Rise Bonus Features

Symbols in this slot move from left to right, so training your eye to focus on this shouldn’t be too difficult. Wilds and scatters here are your main path to victory. Matching any of these symbols will allow one to utilise a variety of additional features to help carry along those big cash pay-outs.

Wilds will substitute certain symbols on the reels for scatter symbols, and in doing so will reward you handsomely for it. Scatters throw symbols around the reels and offer paths to free spins which offer even more avenues for big time pay-outs. Free spins contain multipliers that push basic scores well passed their threshold, so be sure to keep an eye out for those symbols in-particular.

Egyptian Rise Developer

Canada based developer Side City Studios have been around for an awfully long time, which if anything plays to their own strengths as a business. 1999 is when these guys formed, which sparks nearly two decades in industry, not a small feat for anyone, especially in the online slot world — a dog eat dog world by the way — that has new additions on the daily. Side City Studios deserve your attention, so much so that we can only advise you play any of their slots on name value alone.

The Verdict

If you enjoy an eclectic mix of Egypt and an addictive slot then this one’s for you. Egyptian Rise is its name and big cash prizes is its game. Not many other games can juggle this kind of action while keeping the players attention firmly focused on the game itself and not just the pretty colours they see around them. It’s a thin road but Side City Studios toe the line very comfortably with the greatest of ease. Play Egyptian Rise today!

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