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This is the first slot we can say that we’ve seen where the titular character is doing two jobs at once. And if that isn’t clear enough then maybe you should cast your eyes into the background of this slot, where you can clearly see a burrito cart as well as our main character in spandex. wrestling, or lucha libre has existed for centuries in Mexico, forever supporting the victory of good over evil. This ring is exclusive for those willing to risk it all, are you one of these people? Even if you aren’t why don’t you swallow that pride of yours, don your mask and get ready to layeth the smackdown like only you can.


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Play EL JACKPOTTO no deposit slots

Play El Jackpotto

Do you think there’s a food hazard here? A man making burritos is grappling men in spandex. Try not to think about that too much, there’s money to be made. El Jackpotto is one of the only slot experiences that allows you to perform reel bodyslams while winning big bucks. This Mexican-culture themed slot has a very interesting story that streamlines throughout this entire slot. El Jackpotto is a 5 reel over 3 row game that promotes over 243 ways of coming out on top.

Play El Jackpotto Bonus Features

At random intervals in this slot, the titular character will fart on screen, causing the reels to be forever changed. Should he fart, there will be another symbol added to the game, simply match this symbol in a winning pay-line and see it cause most symbols around it to automatically match, a very useful tool in earning those big bucks, and all from the power of a fart! There are wilds and scatters here also, although you will be wanting to aim for the bonus features that offer more for your money with each individual spin.

El Jackpotto is a 20 pay-line game that is set very much in its ways, meaning that these pay-lines are fixed and cannot be adjusted to fit personal preference. All symbols in this slot are representative of various items from Mexican culture, expect burritos and luchador masks here. All of these symbols are reflective of a different numerical value, the more of these symbols you match, the higher your score will be. There also happens to be various letters that sit on these reels, acting as this slots low value symbols that will keep the winnings coming in no matter how small.

El Jackpotto Developer

How often have you seen an online game dev become a household name? We’ll answer that for you, very rarely. Since its inception Blueprint Gaming have produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences. These guys are tried and tested and have even stood the test of time itself, over a decade of entertainment and we’re sure there will be decades more to come. Blueprint Gaming: a dynasty in the online gaming industry.

The Verdict

This is one of the funnest experiences we’d ever had the pleasure of reviewing for you. Don’t let all of our hard work go to waste. Play El Jackpotto today! If we could liken this slot to any others out there then we would compare it to the Nacho Libre slot from iSoftbet, if that slot was to your liking then you will enjoy this slot, or any other wrestling themed slots for that matter.

There are many luchador themed slots out there for you to choose from, we could name them off for you right now but in doing so we’d be taking the attention away from El Jackpotto and all of his achievements. This is your classic Blueprint Gaming, only re-skinned for your wrestling pleasure. Looking for a site to play this slot on? Try searching for Egypt slots, an online casino that caters to you and you alone.

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