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Elephant King: an IGT creation that sports 5 reels over 40 fixed pay-lines. Welcome to the African savannah, a location rife for mystique as well as intrigue, a place where one might find themselves, a location that is home to this slot. Bets can be placed from as little as 75p on pretty much all devices, thus making it incredibly useful in how it is presented. Elephant King is playable on essentially most devices, and is renown for being one of the most graphically pleasing slots this side of the continent.


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There are variety of different features here for you to choose from, all of which impact gameplay in a very distinct way. Like most slots in the IGT catalogue, this slot has various prize picking features that all offer something different in terms of what you get out of this experience. Every spin on this slot is as different as the last, which is essentially what you want out of these types of experiences.

Play Elephant King Bonus Features

All symbols in this slot are reflective of a different animal, each animal will have a different value behind it, making it very easy to distinguish certain symbols from one another. Scatters and wild symbols can be also found on these reels, and can be used in contrast with the other bonus features that we mentioned above. Coupling these two together will only see to you coming out on top with some rather high scores, which then obviously correlate into the amount of cash you’ll be coming out with.

The prize pick feature is the clear highlight of this slot, featuring various different ways for you to please the elephant king himself. This prize pick feature allows one to choose from a variety of different bonus features that will all impact gameplay in its own distinct way. There is also the option of getting into the free games bonus feature, you’ll begin with 30 free spins, with the chance of winning more as you play in this mode. As it also stands, the prize pick feature also applies here and all animal wins are subject to a certain 2x multiplier.

Elephant King Developer

So many game devs lose sight on what is most important in the industry and are doomed to fail from the start. IGT play to the importance of this industry everyday, providing user friendly games that are sure to make you laugh, cry and cheer in joy as you see the money just rolling in. Not many game devs can do it like these guys can. International Game Technology, or IGT for short, is not only a rising star in the world of online slots, but is also building a lasting legacy as one of the more user-friendly businesses simply due to innovation and passion.

The Verdict

The Elephant King is someone who commands respect, give him respect and you shall have whatever you desire — including a place in his own royal family as a trusted advisor or treasurer, depending on how well you can traverse these reels. Egypt Slots is just one of the many online casino slots that houses this slot, and with good reason. If we were to compare Elephant King to any other slot out there currently we would probably say check out Big Game Spin 16 in how it puts you right in the African plaines. Play Elephant King today!

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