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Epic Gems is not one of your regular slot games. It is a beautifully designed innovation from Gamevy that will certainly interest punters. The design is not like regular slot but the theme seems rich, all the same. It is more of an intense guessing game where all you have to do is avoid the hidden mines as you gather your treasures in the sea of gems. It can be a very rewarding game for individuals that play real money slot when they play in online casinos like It is available for play.


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Play epic gems slot game
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Play Epic Gems

Epic Gems has an amazingly simple design that is very different from regular online slots. There are no reels or paylines. Gameplay is just so simple. You start the game by placing your bet (minimum in UK casinos is £1 and maximum is £100).
The higher your bet the higher the value of the jackpot you can get after collecting the gems. There are 40 gems displayed on the screen. 36 of them are good gems while 4 are bad and contain the mines that can explode and waste your earnings. The aim is to collect all the good gems or cash out before the mines explode.
When you pick a good gem, it will happily disappear into a vortex at the side of the page. The available amount in the pot, the value of the next gem, and the value of the jackpot are displayed on the screen to help you make the right decision at any point. With an impressive RTP of 96.00% and some special features, this is a nice game for those that desire an alternative to the regular slot games.

Play Epic Gems Bonus Features

There are some special features that make Epic Gems more interesting:
The jackpot can be capped so that it doesn’t exceed a certain amount. This can be advantageous to players as it may reduce the number of gems to find before the jackpot and improve RTP.
Cash out
This is a great option to ease your stress. Once you are up and is afraid of hitting a mine that will blow away your winnings, you can always cash out with what you have.
Uninterrupted play
When your game stop as a result of power or hardware failure, you can always be sure that the game will be restored to the point the interruption occurred.

Epic Gems Developers

Epic Gems was developed by Gamevy. The company is new London start-up, but it has introduces some really innovative software in the e-gaming industry. It is indeed a vibrant and exciting team of individual committed to providing top quality and nerve-wracking gambling actions. One of their best games is The Heist.

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