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The simple game of Roulette has been around since the 18th century and there are few variations to the different ones you will encounter in different casinos. When you play in, you will be playing the standard version, based on the European roulette table. You may not feel the sociable aspect of bricks and mortar casino when you play European Roulette, but the quality of the game is top notch. The graphics is great and it will load and play pretty smoothly. You wager against the bank, independently from other game participants, and you get a win based on how correct your prediction of the ball’s resting place is.


play EUROPEAN ROULETTE no deposit slots
play EUROPEAN ROULETTE slots no deposit

Play European Roulette

When you play European Roulette slot game in UK casinos, you start by selecting from the available chip sizes. The smallest is worth exactly £0.02 while the largest is worth £250.0. You will get the biggest odds of 36/1 when you bet on single numbers, or on other combinations like red/black, odd/even, and high/low. You also have the option of going for the two types of wagers available: inside bet and outside bet.
The major advantage of European Roulette slot game is that it has 37 pockets, which means only 1 zero. The American version has 2 zeros in 38 pockets. We are not so certain about the RTP of this game, but we believe it shouldn’t be far removed from the roulette standard of 97.30%.

More Betting Options
When you play European Roulette slot game, there are some extra complex bets you can make. They are readily available at the left hand side of the race track. They include the following:
 Black Split
A bet on each occurrence of two black numbers together on the betting mat
 Red Splits
It is a bet on the occurrence of two red numbers together on the betting mat
 Voisins Du Zero
This is a bet on zero and the 16 surrounding numbers: a classical French rule that can favour players
 Tiers Du Cylindre
This is a bet on the 3rd of the wheel, opposite the Voisins Du Zero. There are 12 numbers.
After setting up your bet, you just click spin to get start the action and cross your fingers for a win.

European Roulette Developers

European Roulette slot game was developed by Electrocade based on the standard French Roulette table. The British company was established way back in 2004 and has a portfolio of unique games.

Other games
If you like to play European Roulette slot game from Electrocade, you will like their collection of other games such as Six Card Chase, Play Your Cards Right, Jackpot 15, Hole in the Wall, Blackbusters, and Blackjack.

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