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In the past Merkur have made slots that have played upon more popular themes, this is the first occasion that we can recall where these guys are trying something a little different. Change is good, as is the type of money related change that you just so happen to be stuffing your pockets with in Extra Wild. All symbols in this slot take the shape of various money/heist related symbols, all of which possess a different numerical value that will differ depending on how many of these symbols are implemented within the winning pay-line. The wild symbols we mentioned before should be easily identifiable by their symbol, making it incredibly easy for one to navigate these reels accordingly.


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Play Extra Wild

Extra Wild is not your bog standard fantasy/adventure themed slot, this is a bank heist themed slot. There are hundreds of bank heists involved in movies and tv shows out there for you to gain inspiration. This is not your regular slot in that it possesses various different wild symbols that all play a significant part in helping you get away scot free. With these extra wilds at play, you’ll find that there is a lot of replay-ability to this slot, making it rather unique in the fact that it can be played across a variety of different platforms, stemming from both mobile and desktop devices. A good site to play this slot on would be Egypt slots, this site hosts a variety of different slots for every occasion.

Play Extra Wild Bonus Features

Symbols in this slot take the shape of diamonds, sapphires and gold of the like, so picking a certain symbol shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you are looking out for those extra wild symbols that this games title eludes too.

Extra Wild is a 5 reels by 5 pay-line game that is distributed in a 2-2-1 sequence. To begin this heist, simply select your coin values and bet amounts for your spins, from there simply hit spin and away you go. Wilds work in this slot in the same way that they would in any other online slots out there. Wilds substitute symbols on the reels, allowing you to utilise higher scoring symbols in your winning pay-lines and thus creating more ways for you to win the big bucks.

Extra Wild Developer

Appearances are worth everything, especially if you are a company with a recognisable face. Merkur Gaming’s face looks like it was formed in Aztec times with it’s very bold logo and even bolder epitaph of games it leaves in it’s wake. The sun on their logo is only as bright as their ideas (and trust us, they aren’t lacking in that department). Not many devs out there have the dedication and have the intestinal fortitude to come out with an experience such as this.

The Verdict

As far as bank heist related slots go, we can’t say that we can recall all that many slots with a similar theme, or a slot that plays at all like this slot. The thrill of the chase is why so many will play this slot for themselves, which is a real adrenaline rush that is bound to get you spinning these reels for hours on end. Remember that the police will forever be on your chase once you put your hand in this cookie jar, or is that part of the thrill? We’ll let you decide.

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