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A five reel and three-row online slot delivered with a spirit of simplicity, this Egyptian-themed title comes from the Reel Time Gaming studio. Dressed in all the sights and styles of the Egypt of centuries ago, there are ten fixed paylines to find, with an RTP of 96.31%, and both a Free Spins and Gamble bonus feature to add a little spice. The best place to play Eye of Horus is at the home of Egyptian-themed online slots, where we also offer many more slot games like Tutankhamun, Cleo’s Wish, Cleopatra and Pharaohs Fortune.


Play EYE OF HORUS slots no deposit
Play EYE OF HORUS slots no deposit
Play EYE OF HORUS no deposit slots

Play Eye of Horus

The beauty of being able to gather so many Egyptian-themed online slots in one place is that we can offer you a real variety. If Egypt is your area of interest, and Egyptian-themed slot games are your favourite of all the different styles of slot game available, you’re spoilt for choice with us. We have bold and flashy Egyptian slots, moody and atmospheric Egyptian slots, and gentler and more traditional Egyptian slots lot Eye of Horus.
Eye of Horus takes its name from the element of Egyptian mythology with the same title. In legend, the Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol dating back to the time of Pharaohs, and indicates protection, power, and health. Horus was one of the most powerful of all the Gods of old Egypt, and whichever Pharaoh was sat on the throne was considered to be the living messenger of Horus on Earth in much the same way Catholics view the Pope. Any Pharaoh hoping to hold on to their throne for a long time would surround themselves with Eye of Horus symbols in the hope that they would bring them luck; just as they do in this slot!
Focusing in on the slot itself, don’t expect to see cutting edge graphics or animations. Reel Time have designed Eye of Horus slot to be easy to look at and easy to play. The drawings of the themed symbols on the reels are artistic, with a papyrus-effect finish, but aside from that, the slot won’t win any awards for its looks. It doesn’t need to, though, because it plays well, which we’ll get onto. The reels are set against the backdrop of giant columns, of the kind which supports many of the huge temples you’ll find in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

As is the case with many traditional or classic slot games, the lowest value symbols on the reels are made up of playing cards, and in this case they run from J through to A. Sitting above them, and of more value, are a pair of ankhs, a scarab beetle, a depiction of Horus as a bird, Anubis, the Eye of Horus (obviously) and most importantly of them all, Horus himself. The all-powerful God is this slot game’s wild, and using the powers of a God, he will expand and fill any reel he lands on. There doesn’t need to be a bonus feature in play for this to happen, the wild expands every time it lands, and that’s a really neat feature in terms of boosting potential winnings.

The only symbol that even Horus can’t replace is the scatter, which is a giant glowing door which may be intended to represent a tomb entrance. It may as well represent the entrance to the bonus features because that’s precisely what it does!

Play Eye of Horus Bonus Features

If Eye of Horus contained ultra-modern bonus features with video-game qualities, it wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of the slot. The joy of this slot is that it doesn’t demand much in the way of understanding or reading from you; you don’t feel compelled to look up the information screen and find out what each symbol does, because you don’t need to. Eye of Horus is an online slot you can click on, load, and just spin and let nature take its course.
In keeping with that feeling, there is only one major bonus feature, but it’s an exciting and generous one which potentially leads to great rewards for lucky players.
Free Spins is the feature we’re referring to, but it’s a free spins feature with a difference, and one we really enjoyed playing. To get it active, you need to land three of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, in any order. That’s good for twelve free spins of the reels, to begin with.

Now things get interesting; the wild symbols have a ‘power up’ effect on the reels as you spin. Each time a wild appears during your round of free spins, it gives you an additional extra spin and also removes the lowest value of the picture symbols on the reels, replacing them with the next value up. Keep spinning with luck on your side, and you’ll eventually be in a situation where every picture symbol is the Eye of Horus, at which point any winning line should be of significant value.
As well as the free spins, Eye of Horus also offers a Gamble Feature. Every time you find a winning line, you’re given the opportunity to gamble your winnings by selecting the playing card symbol, which will appear to the left of your reels when it’s valid. You’ll then be taken to a new screen, and invited to bet on the colour of the next card drawn from the pack. If your guess is correct, your most recent win is doubled. If you make a bad call, you lose your winnings. Depending on how confident you feel, if you win, you can repeat the trick up to five times in a row. Be very sure before you press on, though; you’ll kick yourself if you win four on the bounce and then lose it all because you went for the fifth and lost!

Eye of Horus Developer

There are developers out there who do everything from designing slot games to running lotteries, live casino offerings, poker and roulette. For some companies, developing slot games is just a tiny part of what they do, and represents only a small slice of their income. That isn’t the case for Reel Time Gaming, who are based Down Under in Australia.

Reel Time Gaming exist for the sole purpose of creating genuinely great slot games and supplying them to other companies so people can play them. That’s it. No distractions, no side projects, just them and the games. They will, at a push, also design a gaming cabinet for you, but only so you can play their games in it and experience them as the developer intended! That doesn’t mean they’re a small operation though. Creating a great slot game requires input from many individuals fro many skills. In the case of Reel Time Gaming, their staff includes a team of professional software developers, experienced game designers, qualified mathematicians, artists and play testers. Their senior staff have been involved in the business of creating slot games for more than twenty years, and so will have seen slot gaming develop from an idea to a multi-billion pound industry.
In the biography section of their website, the company lists the factors which they believe to be their strengths; in their case, it’s great graphics, interesting themes and cutting-edge mathematical models underpinning the performance of their slot games. Those stunning graphics aren’t necessarily on display in Eye of Horus, but that’s not to say they don’t have other slots within their collection which have a greater visual flair. The mathematics are one of the most critical aspects of any slot game; they work out how likely we are to win, how frequently those wins are paid out, and what the value of those wins should be. We never get to see them because they’re hidden under layers of code, but it’s comforting to know that Reel Time is particularly sure of themselves on this front.
To date, the number of slots created by Reel Time is above one hundred, and they continue to work on new slots. Despite that, they only currently have twenty three slots listed on their website, so it’s possible some of their earlier releases are no longer available commercially. Eye of Horus is, of course, and they give us a brief description of it on its dedicated page on their website.
Take a mystical journey into Ancient Egypt, and be rewarded by the sun god HORUS, in EYE OF HORUS™. Three or more PYRAMIDS will trigger 12 Free Games. During the Feature each HORUS that appears expands and substitutes for all symbols, awards additional FREE GAMES and upgrades picture symbols to increase the winning opportunities.

Their description of the Eye of Horus slot is mostly accurate, but we feel we have to object to the description of the scatter symbol as being a pyramid. Take a look at any our pictures of the reels, or play the slot for yourself. There’s no way at all that there’s a pyramid on that symbol, it’s a tomb entrance!

Slot Games Similar To Eye Of Horus From Reel Time Gaming

We’ll sound a note of caution here, because we’re not able to assess every online slot that Reel Time Gaming has ever created. They give a figure of one hundred slot games, but they only have twenty three on their website. That means they may have created more online slots in the past, but have since removed them or taken them offline. Given how popular Ancient Egypt is as a theme for slot games it would surprise us if there weren’t at least a couple within a total of one hundred, but we have no way of knowing.
Looking at the 23 titles that the developer currently have online, there’s only one other slot game based in Egypt, and it’s all to do with the Pyramids.
Pyramids Deluxe: We presume that all Pyramids are deluxe in the world of Reel Time Gaming, because we can’t find any evidence of an original slot called ‘Pyramids’ from Deluxe, just this deluxe version. In truth, this slot game is very similar in both style and play to Eye of Horus, but uses slightly different symbols on the reels, and of course, makes a prominent feature out of the pyramids. Just as with Eye of Horus, the bonus feature is a free spins round, during which a second Pyramid wild is added to the reels and substitutes for all other symbols, making it a double-wild for the duration of the ten free spins. Despite being released in 2018, Pyramids Deluxe looks a little more basic than Eye of Horus, which has been online since 2016. RTP in Pyramids Deluxe is 97%.

Slot Games Similar To Eye Of Horus From Elsewhere

You’re spoilt for choice if your favourite online slot theme is Ancient Egypt, but then if you’re on Egypt Slots you already knew that! We have an extensive range of Egyptian themed slots for you to explore and enjoy, but here’s a selection of three of them just to give you an idea. There’s no deposit required to sign up to, so why not register and browse the full collection?


Although the title of this online slot from Elk Studios may not suggest a connection to Eye of Horus, the presence of a huge pyramid on the game’s loading screen gives the theme away! This is a big and beautiful game, with high-quality drawings and animations of Egypt and its symbols on the 5×4 layout. The slot has been presented in a cartoonish style, so expect to be greeted by a smiling camel and a bearded explorer on the reels. The theme of the game is all about hunting for treasure within Egypt’s sands, with the Pyramids as a target. An innovative bonus feature sees free spins being awarded with one symbol chosen at random and applied to the reels twice as two 2×2 expanded symbols, boosting your chances of a win. Also, entirely at random, the slot may decide to award you free three spins with one reel wholly made up of wilds, so a bad game can be turned into a good one at any moment. RTP comes in at 96.30%.

Treasure of Horus:

As Horus has already lent us his eye, he may as well also give us access to his treasure, and that’s what’s at stake in this slot from Iron Dog Studios! The basic design of this online slot might fool some players into thinking it’s a simple slot game. Don’t let that happen to you! Gameplay on the 5×3 set of reels seems basic enough until suddenly and without warning a scarab will fly up from below the reels and randomly deposit additional wilds on them as they’re spinning! It can take you aback if you’re not expecting it, but now we’ve told you, you should be prepared for it. Treasure Of Horus also contains a free spins feature which is gifted to you by the generous scarab; if it drops the relevant symbol onto the top of the third reel, the free spins will commence, and there are three different varieties with three different multipliers attached. RTP in Treasure of Horus is 95.93%.

Pharaoh’s Fortune:

All of the Pharaohs of old Egypt surrounded themselves with Eye of Horus symbols in the hope that it would protect both them and their fortune, but in this slot from IGT, you’ve come to take it all away from the Living God! Pharaoh’s Fortune may look a little simple by modern standards, but that’s because it saw its first release all the way back in 2006, which was towards the birth of online slots. It’s still more than capable of holding its own, though, thanks in no small part to a free spins feature which promises you a win of some size every time you take a spin during the free spins round. Not only that, the lowest that win could possibly be is 3x your stake. Does that sound too good to be true? It isn’t, and we offer the slot here at Egypt Slots, so you’re welcome to find out for yourself. Oh, and the backing music is the classic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’, so it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face while you’re spinning the reels. RTP comes in at 94.78%, and your best chance of coming away from this online slot with a healthy profit is getting that free spins round triggered.

Eye Of Horus On Mobile

We expect good things from playing Eye of Horus on a smartphone. This isn’t an online slot that has a problematic playing area or cinematic graphics, and so there’s no reason why its performance on a handheld device should be any different from the way it plays on a laptop or similar computer.

The good news is that it isn’t, so long as you’re happy to play with your phone held titled on its side. Everything that exists in the computer version of Eye of Horus also exists in the smartphone version; the colours are no less bright, the graphics are no less detailed, and everything works perfectly. Even the machine-like beeping as the reels spin has made it across from one version to the other (be warned; that has the potential to get on your nerves after a while. Make a mental note of where the ‘sound off’ button is!)
The bad news is that you can only play the slot in landscape mode. Try to play it with your phone held the right way up, and the screen will go black, with an accompanying message telling you to turn your phone sideways again. There’s nothing wrong with this on a surface level; the game doesn’t break if you turn your phone the wrong way round, and it’s not a hardship for most people, but we’re at a stage now where most developers can create mobile slots which work no matter which way around your phone is being held.

We’re happier for a developer to force us to play in landscape than we would be with a bad version of the slot in portrait, but not having the functionality still makes Reel Time Gaming seem a little behind the times.

News About Eye Of Horus

Time has passed since Eye of Horus was released in 2016, and so any initial press that the online slot did receive upon its launch has died down. As it isn’t one of the more high profile slot games out there, it doesn’t get the benefit of being referenced in the mainstream press or across industry newsletters in the same way that a recent high profile celebrity-tie in might do. But it certainly hasn’t been forgotten.

The online videogame magazine GameSpew recently posted a look at the history of Egyptian video games, from the earliest examples to the very latest and greatest. Prominent names like Tomb Raider and Overwatch hogged most of the limelight in the article, but Eye of Horus was given as an example of how the popularity of Egyptian games has crossed over into the casino world, and how the idea of rooting through Egyptian ruins for treasure is perfect for a slot game. The writer should have come to take a look at Egypt Slots; they would have found plenty more examples!

Play Eye Of Horus At Egypt Slots Today

If the Gods of Old Egypt are to be believed, then the Eye of Horus gives you power and wealth. If you subscribe to that theory, and you have faith that the Gods are with you, then the time is right to log into and play Eye of Horus slot.

If you’re new to us, then we have a couple of ways to welcome you which we think you’ll really love. Firstly, you can register right now with no deposit payable, and we’ll give you ten free spins on our popular Cleopatra slot. Secondly, if you’re willing to pay a deposit into your account, we’ll match that deposit up to a maximum value of £100. In short, we’ll double your money as a way of saying thank you for choosing us! Not only that, you’ll get another 100 free spins on the fantastic Cleopatra slot. Who knows when we’ll come to our senses and stop giving so much away, so take advantage of us while this offer is still available!

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