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Developed by Pragmatic Play, this game is all about fantasy. In this game, the aim is not just to try your luck and see how much you can win for yourself but this game is all about luck. Because you have that on your side, Fairytale Fortune is going to be very entertaining to play. There are ruins, trees, a charming hero, a fair princess, and a dragon, all these symbols combine to not only make a perfect fairy tale but also give the player a chance to be a part of it all. But that’s not all. If you are lucky enough, you might just get a lot of prizes at the end of the game.



Play Fairytale Fortune

Coming to the details of this game, the RTP employed in this game is 96.52%. The reel structure of the game is 5 x 3, and the game’s variance is remarkable as it is Medium-High. There are only 15 paylines used in the game. Speaking of the betaways, the minimum bet that can be made in this game is 0.75, while the maximum that can be won in this game is 100,000. If you love the game, you can play it easily on any device anywhere. You can play the game on Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop.

Play Fairytale Fortune Bonus Features

When it comes to getting a bonus, during the bonus round you have to spin a wheel facing front. You could either win Super Wild Free Spins, where you’ll be showered with Wild symbols and lots of free spins. The next round will convert all your symbols into Wild except Scatter. And last but not the least, the last one is Wheel or Fortune where you can win lots of free spins as well as multipliers.

Fairytale Fortune Developer

Pragmatic Play is one of those names in slot gaming that need no formal introduction. Whether it is about games theme or the features, Pragmatic Play seems to know everything and can easily cover any detail without any difficulty whatsoever. Developers deliver not just amazing rewards but also a wonderful entertainment.

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It’s Fairytale Fortune so there are bound to be so many games that are related to it. Many games are based on fairy themes, not to mention fantasy. One remarkable game, that needs no formal introduction is Beauty and the Beast. Hensel and Gretel also finds its way into the list.

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Some of the names that come close to Fairytale Fortune in terms of features are Prissy Princess and Cinderella. These games share somewhat the same RTP, features, not to mention, they seem to have the same idea and background as far as Fairytale Fortune. Other notable names include Alice in Wonderland.

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