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The design of this slot is just great; clear and alluring. The logo of the fireworks is enthroned above the reels. The reel wheel is transparent, and one can see through the background; a row of houses that beneath a starry night sky. The windows glow with orange, like the translucency of the setting sun from the other side of the house. The audio came low, though. It does not come with the anticipated sounds of cracking knockouts and busting of fireworks, like flying stars on a New Year night. Take heart, don’t let the music steal your joy, there is more to the slot.
It is compatible with various mobile devices including Android mobile phones and Smartphones. It is playable on PCs. This slot can also be downloaded on mobile phones for enjoyment and ease of access. Easy access is guaranteed if playing on a user-friendly web casino platform such as EgyptSots.


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Play Fireworks

The Fireworks slot feature squared purple gem, pinky 7, a red gem heart, Cash, Diamond, A rocket, Circular blue gem, and Bars of gold. The autoplay feature is also active. It raises winning odds. This slot does not feature any game or Wild. The highest paying symbol is the rocket; paying 250 X the win for 5 collections, 100X for 4, and 50X for 3. The next is the pinky 7. It pays 150X when 5 of it are collected on the reels, 60X for 4 and 30 for 3. The gold bar goes on a 20X for 3, 40 for 4, and 100X for 3.
The minimum amount for a bet is a 20pence coin and the max goes out for a 5.00 coin. So, it gives chance for people with low roller-skates. Fireworks demo play can be tried to get familiar with the game before launching for the money play.
There is a lit firework below the reels, every time a spin is made. When there is a winning, the fuse’s fire burns down. This presents the punter to select a random reel with any symbol. The reels get spun and produce matching symbols that guarantee further wins.
Offers a Return to Player (RTP) average par of 95.1%.

Play Fireworks Bonus Features

There is no real bonus in this game. The seeming bonus is the effect of the firework. A bonus is activated when there is a burnt fuse close to reel 5. Having the fireworks fuse run under the 5th reel, any reel without 3 similar symbols will cut out the fuse. However, when there are 3 or more, expect the fireworks!

Fireworks Developer

The Fireworks online slot is presented to the online casinos by Realistic Games. The company is a synergy of great energies emanating from designers, technologists, artists, modellers, and operators. The company has survived for decades, supplying games for offline and online entertainment purposes. As claimed by the company, they are a fuse of good products birthed by knowledge. Their products are widely available in various online casinos, UK. You can check out the Blackjack and 6 Apple Deluxe slots. Check them out on

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