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Flaming Fox by Red Tiger is an amazing game if you are a martial arts enthusiast. Whether you have been influenced by action movies or martial art films, this game seems to have a lot in common with the movies that have just been mentioned. In this game, there is everything if you are an action fan. There is real action in the slots, and the way the game has been designed by the developers leaves no effort in making sure that the game is presented the way exactly as if a duel is about to begin. But apart from its remarkable theme, the game also promises a lot to those who truly put their efforts into the game and manage to win bonuses and prizes through their luck.



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Here are a few things you would like to know about the game. Flaming Fox developed by Red Tiger offers an RTP of 96.11%. The variance of this game is said to be remarkably high. The minimum that can be bet in this game is 0.2, and the maximum that can be won is only 66,660. The high variance can be easily understood by the fact that this game has only 10 paylines that work in both directions, left to right, and right to left. The structure is 5 x 3 reels, and finally, the game can be played on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobiles.

Play Flaming Fox Bonus Features

The game offers a very unique symbol which can allow the player to win beyond their imagination. Should the player hit upon the Flaming Fox symbol, the 4th and 5th reels are frozen, leaving the player to play only in the 1-3rd reels. The free spin feature can allow the player to play at least 5 free spins, provided that the Scatter symbol is found in the paylines. Above all these features, the player, if hits the Wild symbol in the right order, he/she can easily multiply their score as much as 3,333 times.

Flaming Fox Developer

The profound feature that Red Tiger always manages to bring in their game is action and adventure. Many games that have been developed by Red Tiger focus not only on martial arts, Kung Fu, and Chinese culture, but their rewards are also very promising.

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There are a lot of games that make it into the list as far as Flaming Fox goes. A remarkable name that makes it into the list is Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale, which is entirely based on the legend himself.

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Games that offer the same features as Flaming Fox include Wins of Fortune, The Monkey King, and Ninja Chef. These games are not only similar with respect to their themes and background, but they also happen to resemble in terms of features.
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