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The game is based in a mythical world where different races such elves, dwarves and men compete for the throne. Only the lucky ones will manage to take the throne. For taking the throne players will need the help of other creatures such as the Phoenix, Unicorn and other mythical animals. This slot game will give adventure thrills and many mythical mysteries will come forth for the players to solve. Players are going to enjoy this mythical adventure into a mythical land. Your favourite animals from folklores will come to life in this slot game. The mythical world can be travelled through a domain on EgyptSlots. This game has an RTP of 96.01% with 5 reels and 40 betways.



Play Forbidden Throne

The theme of the game is all about ancient myths and mythical creatures. All these are part of the fantasy world created by Microgaming for the players. You will start off in this game in the centre of the unknown world with a lot of dangers around you. Accompanying you will be the royal prince, the rightful heir to the throne. Help him regain his throne and you will be rewarded accordingly. This game’s genre is Mythology and Adventure. The background of this slot game shows the landscape of this mythical world. It shows huge mountains , dry landscapes , huge waterfalls and a diverse combination of sceneries that signifies that this world is a very huge one and the one controlling its throne will be in charge of all these huge domains. Slot box is a transparent box so that the players can relish the sights of this mythical landscape. The slot box contains 5 reels separated by a golden line where as the slot box itself is encapsulated in a magically calligraphic frame design. The symbols are depicted by either different gems of different colours or higher valued symbols such as a golden helmet, a winged rub headpiece, an ancient book, a snowflake design, a fire depiction. Wilds and scatters also form a part of the extra symbols

Play Forbidden Throne Bonus Features

This adventure into the mythical land has a lot of bonus features such as wild reels in which on every spin at least a single reel turns completely wild and is replaced by a character that is visible on the reels. The second bonus feature of this slot game is the free spins which like most other slot games are triggered by scatter symbols . For each 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols the player receives 10,20 and 30 free spins. The best part is that the free spins can be retriggered again.

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