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Fruit Spin (for those that don’t know) is an online slot brought to you by the good folks at NetEnt. Sporting 20 pay-lines over 3 rows, this title has everything you’d normally look for in an online slot, it has various multipliers, wilds and very immersive 3D graphics that will literally make you question why you haven’t picked up this title sooner. Sites such as Egypt Slots and 666 are often talking about the amount of players that all play this slot just on the fun level alone.


Play FRUIT SPIN no deposit slots
Play FRUIT SPIN slot
Play FRUIT SPIN slot

Play Fruit Spin

Fruit Spin can be played on various systems inducing: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Fruit Spin also happens to run on NetEnts operating system that allows for even faster gameplay making it perfect for players who really like to be entertained when it comes to graphics and the like.

Play Fruit Spin Bonus Features

To begin your adventure, simply set the number of win-lines and spin away. Fruit Spin happens to be one of those slots that also offers an auto-play feature if you happen to be a busy bee. The auto-play (as its name suggests) allows you to spin a certain number of spins set at the same bet level without stopping. This can be cancelled at anytime, just remember to utilise this mode if you want to get the most out of this game during busy parts of the day. NetEnt know how to make a great online slot that’s for sure which is reason alone for you to play it to see if fortunes favour the bold, and in this case the bold just so happens to be you.

Fruit is recommended to be consumed around 5 times a day, so why not get your daily intake while winning some money in the process. Fruit has never been this fun thanks to this slot though that is for certain, you’ll come to that conclusion also after playing it for yourself. The gameplay itself is one that leans on the traditional slot setup with a colourful yet imaginative fruity twist. Wilds, scatters, free spins and additional bonus features are all available here. The more you play, the more chances you’ll have at using these features for yourself.

Fruit Spin Developer

Known for their own take on the online slot and online casino game market, NetEnt continues to make new strides everyday in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. NetEnt offers a wide range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so much to play and so little time. How many slots have you played from this developer? Not enough if you ask us. When you see that NetEnt tag, drop everything and play whatever they’re offering now!

The Verdict

Any fans of any vintage slot out there will find enjoyment in Fruit Spin. Fruit Spin: the name says it all really. This is a wacky slot that is best played without taking it too seriously, it’s all meant in good fun and good jest, not to mention there is some rather handsome cash prizes awaiting players who are fortuitous enough to push this slot for everything that it’s worth. NetEnt have done a great job in creating a slot that is everything you’d want and more. Play now you won’t regret it. This is essentially like any other fruit machine slot out there.

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