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It is upon the player in this slot game that how much he wagers to try his luck on those gems and rocks. The game is fun filled and simple in nature. It has a peaceful soundtrack with peaceful tunes which keep the player at ease throughout the gameplay. The game’s most attractive feature are the gems which also act as the slot symbols of the slot game. all For players who love gems and precious stones this slot game is the right hit because it is all about mining and precious stones. The RTP of the game is 96.2% with 6 reels and 4096 betways. The harvesting capability for these gems and stones can be gained by accessing this slot game via .



Play Gem Rocks

The theme of this slot game is set in the fields of another planet somewhere in the far corners of universe. The colours are set according to the theme by using dark colours mostly in the game which depict different coloured gems and stones. The background consists of blurred plains of this far flung planet from which these precious stones and gems have been harvested. These plains are the ticket to your fortune flight. If you are lucky enough then these gems and stones can turn out to be very rewarding for you. The slot box is enclosed inside a stone wall and is permanently engraved in the wall. The individually slots are bevelled to keep distinction from other slots and to emphasize their distinction from other slots. Different diamonds and precious gems are studded in the rocks around the slot box. The symbols of the game are depicted rocks and gems of various colours such as A Star , A grey triangle , a blue triangle , a square, a diamond and crescent etc. The gentle music of the slot game reminds the player of the vastness of the unexplored universe and how much unknown lies in wait to be discovered. It has a gentle tune.

Play Gem Rocks Bonus Features

The bonus features of the game include dropdown wins in which in case of any winning combinations the winning symbols will explode off the screen and more symbols will fall from above and replace them to form more winning combinations for the players . This will keep on triggering itself till the time there are no more winning combinations left to be made on the screen. During the dropdown wins feature the metre on the left is activated and as the player wins rewards the metre is filled and causes Monster rocks (larger symbols) to fall on the screen increasing the chances of the player’s wins.

Gem Rocks Developer

Yggdrasil has a renowned name in Online Slot gaming and has been coming upto the expectations of its fans and followers since its inception. It has always come up with innovative and new ideas in slot games. Other similar games like Gem Rocks by Yggdrasil include Penguin city, Tuts twister , Vikings go to hell , Hanzo’s dojo and many others

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