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This good-looking online slot is the work of IGT, and is played on a 5×3 reel-and-row layout with 25 paylines and RTP which varies between 92.20% and 96.19% depending on how you choose to play it. Many symbols and themes of the Ancient Egyptian world are on show within the slot game, which features Free Spins and Wild Reels as bonuses to add variety. You can enjoy playing Golden Egypt here with us at, which is home to hundreds of great slot games such as Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Eye of Horus and Pharaohs Fortune.


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Play Golden Egypt

We’ve seen the famous land of Ancient Egypt represented many different ways in online slots over the years, but it may never have looked as good as it does in IGT’s Golden Egypt. The balance between visual simplicity and design elegance has been struck perfectly here; the game world may be two dimensional, but it’s been realised so well that it wouldn’t look out of place in one of Disney’s animated movie, such as Aladdin.

At first glance, the layout seems standard enough at 5×3, but you’ll note a couple of spaces above each reel, which are waiting to be occupied by golden coin symbols. This plays neatly into one of the Golden Egypt slot’s bonus features, and we’ll talk more about that in a moment. A regal shade of purple sits behind the symbols on the reels, setting them out sharply against the beautifully drawn Egyptian scene behind it, with an array of palm trees and Pyramids rising into the golden sky off the banks of the Nile. This isn’t a slot game that leaves you with any doubt about where it’s set.

IGT have stayed close to their theme when it comes to selecting symbols to put on the reels. There are none of the traditional playing cards here; every symbol and image comes straight from the pages of Egyptian history books. Precious gems were among the many treasures that archaeologists were searching for when they started breaking into Egyptian tombs during the 1920s, but those are the least valuable of the prizes to be found here. You’ll be more interested in finding depictions of one of the Gods of Egypt, Ankhs, a nameless Pharaoh and his Queen, the Eye of Horus, and the Sphinx.

The golden mask of Tutankhamun also appears in this slot, as the most valuable symbol. You won’t miss him when he makes appearances; his symbol is two rows high.

The golden coin symbols which appear on the reels don’t act as wilds, but do have the potential to turn entire reels wild, which we’ll look at in more detail when we discuss the bonus features in the Golden Egypt slot. There’s also a bonus symbol, which is a Pyramid, and that has bonus implications of its own.

Play Golden Egypt Slot Bonus Features

IGT have treated us to two different bonus features in this slot, one of which is conventional, and the other is anything but. Whenever IGT feel like breaking from the norm, they usually give us a strong feature which defines the entire slot, and they’ve done it again with Golden Egypt.
Starting with the more conventional bonus feature, let’s talk about this slot’s Free Spins offering. We say it’s conventional, but it’s potentially more generous than most free spins rounds you may encounter. You trigger this feature by landing three or more of the Pyramid bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. The more symbols you trigger the round with, the better the reward. Not only will you get some free spins, but you’ll also have wild reels enabled for the entirety of your free spins, so this can rack up wins quickly for you!

You have some control over the balance between free spins and wild symbols, so it’s up to you to choose how you choose to progress. If you start the round with three bonus symbols, you can choose five free spins with three wild reels, fifteen with two, or thirty with one.
Land four of the Pyramid bonus symbols and you can choose ten spins with three wild reels, thirty with two, or sixty with one.
If you’re lucky enough to land five pyramid symbols, you can have fifteen spins with three wild reels, forty-five with two, or an incredible ninety with one.
As you can imagine, the free spins can lead to massive winnings, so the feature doesn’t trigger easily. It’s worth playing on until it happens though!
Wild Reels are the major bonus feature in Golden Egypt, and they have the potential to alter your game at any moment dramatically. Each time a gold coin lands on any of the reels, it will fill one of the two coin spaces above that reel. The slot might even helpfully start you off with one or two of them half filled. When you’ve filled both spaces, the whole reel turns wild for two spins. It’s possible to turn several reels wild at once if your luck is in.
Between the two bonus features, you’re always on the lookout for a way to turn as many reels wild as possible, when you succeed, the wins come thick and fast.

Play Golden Egypt Slot Developer

IGT are giants of the online slot world. They’ve been around for many years and reached such a size that it’s hard to imagine any other developer challenging them. Creating online slots is only a small part of the company’s trading activities; they’re a ‘one stop shop’ for the casino industry, manufacturing cabinets and other hardware, producing gaming software above and beyond just games, and being responsible for several huge lottery funds. They work on an ‘end to end’ basis and claim to be the largest such company in the world. Given that their total workforce is more than 12,000, it’s difficult to disagree with that assessment. You can find IGT offices in the USA and Italy, although their base of operations is in the United Kingdom.
The sky is the limit for IGT regarding ambition. Their vision as a company is to become recognised as the leading light of innovation throughout the gaming industry, all across the world. They’re already researching and funding the future of online gaming. Whenever new technology comes into play, you can expect IGT to either supply or embrace it at an early stage.
The IGT we know now is the result of a colossal merger between two formerly rival firms; a British company named Gtech bought out an American firm by the name of International Game Technology at the cost of over six billion dollars. After the deal was completed, the newly expanded firm decided that the IGT name was better for global trade than Gtech, and so they kept it, and let go of the other name.
Staying on top of every single hardware and software product that IGT offer to the sector is impossible. At last count, you could buy over two thousand different products from their website, with their slot came catalogue accounting for nearly five hundred of that number. Within that figure are several highlights of the past and present of online slots. Many of you will be familiar with IGT’s work, which includes Miss White, Da Vinci Diamonds, Pharoah’s Fortune, the legendary Cleopatra and the official slot game of the popular TV comedy show Family Guy.
Golden Egypt has its own dedicated section within IGT’s website, where they have the following to say about their creation:-

What riches lie buried in the desert? Return to the age of the pharaohs and experience Golden Egypt! What riches lie buried in this desert turned paradise by the power of the gods and the mighty Nile? Discover the Wild Stays 2 Plays feature and collect 2 Coin symbols on the same reel to turn that reel Wild for the next 2 spins. Multiple reels can become Wild at the same time! A wealth of choices awaits in the Free Spins Bonus where you can choose your number of free spins and random Wild reels.

They’ve hit on all the vital points within that paragraph; success in Golden Egypt relies upon your ability to trigger the bonus features frequently. When you catch this online slot in the right mood, it can be a gratifying experience!

Slot Games Similar To Cleopatra From IGT

As we said earlier on, IGT’s library of slot games is enormous. They’ve touched on every theme imaginable more than once, and that means they have multiple Egyptian themed online slots to offer, some of which we’re proud to feature here at Egypt Slots. In that collection is one of the best-known and most-loved slot games of all time.


Cleopatra, coming atcha! This is a heavyweight contender for the title of being the best Egyptian-themed slot of them all, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best known. IGT originally built Cleopatra as a slot machine years ago. Players never tired of it, and so when the online slot age began, they brought the graphics up to date and recreated it for the new era. Of all the slot games we offer at, this is the one that gets the most spins. There’s nothing revolutionary about the slot; it’s a standard 5×3 layout featuring 20 paylines and 95.02% RTP, but the beauty of the slot lies in doing the simple things excellently. The Queen of the Nile herself appears as the slot’s wild symbol and applies an x2 multiplier to any winning sequence she forms a part of. On top of that, the slot offers generous free spins that triple the value of any winnings achieved while the round is active. It’s not as original or inventive as Golden Egypt, but as it was designed in a much earlier time, we shouldn’t expect it to be. Slot games may come more advanced than Cleopatra these days, but that doesn’t mean they come better.

Pharaoh’s Fortune:

Just as with Cleopatra, simplicity done well is as the core of IGT’s Pharaoh’s Fortune slot. If you can’t get on board with the unique nature of the bonus features in Golden Egypt, then either this slot or Cleopatra may be more to your liking. Pharaoh’s Fortune is another older online slot, having first been published way back in 2006. There isn’t much animation to marvel at here – don’t expect to see the waters of the Nile ebb and flow the way they do in Golden Egypt – but the symbols are well drawn, and the base game is entertaining. There are only fifteen fixed paylines to be found but with a reduced number of slots on the reels the chances of seeing them are increased. ‘Walk Like Egyptian’ is the inspired choice of backing music for this slot, and if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you’ll definitely be left grinning by the bonus feature. It’s a free spins offering with a very generous difference; every time you spin, Pharaoh’s Fortune promises you a win, and not a small win either. The lowest possible win you can find every time you spin with the bonus active is 3x your stake! RTP is 94.78%, but with the free spins active you’ll find it a lot friendlier than that.

Crown Of Egypt:

Having stuck to the 5×3 layout for the previous three games we’ve looked at, IGT goes bigger with Crown of Egypt, adding a fourth row and incorporating a pleasing 1024 ways to win. To take full advantage of that offering, you’ll have to play with the developer’s ‘Multiway Xtra’ feature activated, which incorporates more winning lines in return for an increase in your stake. That aspect might not be for everyone, but if you’re a ‘high risk, high reward’ style player, you’ll find yourself right at home. The RTP is impacted by that bonus as well; the base game offers 92.90%, but paying to bring the extra paylines into action pushes that up to 95.03%. Free spins are on offer within Crown of Egypt slot just as they seem to be in all IGT’s Egyptian-themed titles, but the quirk with this slot is that there are different symbols which can trigger the feature for you, and the multiplier applied during the round will depend on which symbol triggers it. It’s a beautifully animated slot game, which feels sophisticated but doesn’t demand much of players. You can simply pick it up, play it and enjoy it.

Similar Games To Golden Egypt From Elsewhere

You’re currently browsing a website that’s packed full of Egyptian themed slots, so you already know there’s a world of choice out there for you! Plenty of players love slot games with the Egyptian theme, and we try to serve them better than anyone else does. Feel free to register with us free of charge and browse our entire slot game library, but here are a couple of the other contenders just to get you started.

Treasure of Horus:

One of the best things about Golden Egypt is that it looks like a simple slot game, but it has hidden depths that encourage you to stick around and play it a little longer. The same could be said of Iron Dog Studios’ Treasure of Horus. Yes, it may be another 5×3 layout, but there’s more going on here than meets the eye. At any point, and on any spin, one of Egypt’s famous scarab beetles may fly onto your reels and swap out any of your symbols for additional wilds. A bad spin could turn into a good one without having to pay to spin again! The scarab can also trigger the free spins feature in Treasure of Horus slot if he settles on the right reel, and when it does you’ll not only get a set of spins that don’t cost you a penny, you’ll also have a multiplier applied for the duration of those spins. It’s a well put-together slot game with an RTP of 95.93%.


In their own description of Golden Egypt, IGT talks about finding out what’s buried beneath the Egyptian sands. That’s also the premise of Hidden, from Elk Studios. This slot is both big and beautiful, with some great touches of animation and design, and an expanded play area of 5×4. Elk has gone for the comedic approach to the visuals, with a cartoonish explorer digging for treasure accompanied by his smiling camel friend, both of whom appear on your reels. During free spins rounds within Hidden, a picture symbol will be selected at random and represented twice on the reels with a pair of 2×2 symbols for as long as the free spins last. Even if you’re not able to trigger the bonus, the Hidden slot contains a random reward; it could simply choose to give you three free spins at any time and turn one reel wholly wild while it does so. You might think your game is going nowhere, and then the slot itself pulls a win out of the bag from you from nowhere! Hidden has an RTP of 96.30%, and is well worth digging out if you want to go hunting for treasure yourself.

Golden Egypt On Mobile

As you’d expect from an online slot that was released as recently as 2016, Golden Egypt is a delight to play on a smartphone or handheld device. It would be a shame if any aspect of the slot’s strong visual quality had been lost in the transition, and so it’s a relief that it hasn’t been. Every single quality that the slot has as a computer game also exists when you play it as a mobile slot.

One of the things we’re most impressed by, strange as it may sound, is the animated flowing water of the Nile. It’s unusual to see constant background animation in a slot game, and it adds to the atmosphere when you’re playing the slot on your laptop or desktop. We feared it would be cut out to save space for the mobile version, but it hasn’t been.

The slot performs equally well whether played in landscape or portrait orientation, so choose whichever perspective suits you best, and play away. The reels don’t shrink at all, and the buttons intelligently reposition themselves to ensure that spinning the reels is always comfortable.

Not every online slot we review manages to become a mobile slot without losing at least something along the way, so we congratulate IGT for their skill in making sure that Golden Egypt remains at the gold standard.

Golden Egypt In The News

Golden Egypt was released in 2016, so time has passed since the game was first launched to industry acclaim, and attention has subsequently died down. With very few exceptions, slot games only tend to generate press when they’re brand new. New slots are released so often that it’s always the latest releases that command attention, and a developer’s older work can be forgotten, no matter how great it might be.

That hasn’t completely been the case for Golden Egypt, though. 2017 was a big year for IGT (as every recent year seems to have been for the massively successful company), and one in which they made major inroads into Asia. PR Newswire picked up on a story about IGT’s performance at the G2E convention, stating that they’d showcased leadership in innovation within the gaming world, impressing everybody who stopped by to see what they had to offer. Within those offerings, Golden Egypt was said to have ‘excelled’ as a proven performer for the company. Innovation and novelty always do well when they’re backed up by quality, and so it’s no surprise to us to see Golden Egypt collecting plaudits like that.

Play Golden Egypt At Egypt Slots Today

With a great base game and some enjoyable bonus features, Golden Egypt slot has something to offer to everybody. The biggest challenge you’ll face when playing it is hanging on in there until your opportunities arrive within the bonus rounds, but when they do you’ll find out exactly how golden Egypt can be when it pays out its treasures!

Registering with to play Golden Egypt, or any of the many other slots we host, doesn’t cost you anything, and you get ten free spins on the Cleopatra slot as a ‘thank you’ for choosing us. If you’d like to pay some money into your newly created account, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you by matching any deposit you make, up to a value of £100, as well as giving you a further one hundred free spins to enjoy on Cleopatra. We have a lot of slot games for you to see, so we think doubling your money should go a long way to helping you sample a few of them. It’s quick, it’s safe, and it’s easy; take a couple of minutes out of your day, and register now!

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