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Various people hold their interests when it comes to casino games. Some go for video slots, some; the poker, and some; the table gamble. Hi-Lo Blackjack is a table set game where cards are placed and drawn on the table. The game has a cool casino atmosphere with the table clothed in casino brown, and the dimmed wall in green. There are betting chips card holder and some stack of faced up cards. This Hi-Lo Blackjack has a new twist. It is not the regular BlackJack where you stone for a 21. The slot is available for play on mobile devices which includes Android phones. Getting to play the slot on a smooth and responsive platform will make it more fun. To check the list of games that are mobile phones compatible, check here@


play HI LOW BLACKJACK slots no deposit
play HI LOW BLACKJACK no deposit slots

Play Hi-Lo BlackJack

There are the usual 6 decks and ‘set bet’. The table is set to roll. The Chips are to be selected according to the value to be bet. Betting begins from the low 0.1.
The bets can be doubled. This would be by clicking on the “DOUBLE” option. This feature raises up the bet to the maximum bet possible on the table. When the bet is paced, then proceed to “DEAL”. The name, Hi-Lo comes, because there is a liberty given to wager on the hands to be drawn by the dealer, if the first hand to be dealt would be greater or lesser than the second hand. This bet does not affect the normal gameplay; it is only an extra, to make winning greater. So, after the first hand is dealt, there is the option to choose between the two options, HIGH or LOW. Right guess gives the punter an instant win.
You win, if:
 The right guess is made.
 Both the first and the second cards total 21 when drawn. (Blackjack)
The first card is revealed to be an Ace and the second is not
You lose, if:
 Your guess is incorrect
 The second card is an Ace while the first is not.
– There will be a Push if the first and the second card drawn, happen to be Aces.
Apart from the Hi-Lo twist, the other winning is the card winning chance is the normal Blackjack -21 play. In the Blackjack play, you are to aim at not having beyond 21 total scores. It can be close, to beat the cards In the hand of the dealer, but never greater. You can check out the Blackjack at to see the full game mode of the Blackjack.
In the Blackjack, Win happens if
 The dealer’s hand is above 21
 If the hand of the dealer is lower than 21 and lower than the player’s hand.
You lose, if
 The player exceeds the sum of 21
 Both hands are lower than 21, but the dealer’s is higher than the player’s.
The Hi-Lo Blackjack offers a table smashing Return to Player (RTP) value of 99.92%. Undeniably, the twist in this poker does not just increase the possible wins; it also brings a new flavour.

Play Hi-Lo BlackJack Bonus Feature

The opportunity to be considered a bonus is the Hi-Lo advantage before the cards are dealt.

Hi-Lo BlackJack Developer

The Hi-Lo Blackjack is developed by NYX-Realistic, a partnership organization that has been on a supportive mission to produce mobile casino games. The partnership dates back to the year 2015.

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