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If you have played any of the Blackjack pokers, you will know they are one of the easiest game to be played, if not the easiest. You don’t have to wait or bank on any of some spins. You only take calculated risks in them and play your straightforward game. The Hi-Lo Gambler has a quixotic theme. The cards are set on a machine that looks like a shelf, stating the whole game details and information in a distinctively clear pattern. The option buttons are arranged at the top of the screen, like a dashboard. The cards are arranged on the right-hand side of the machine shelf. The Hi-Lo Gamble is on the left side of the machine. The slot is available for play on mobile phone through hosting platforms. Not to worry, EgyptSlot is one of such platforms, and you can enjoy the Hi-Lo Gambler gameplay, now.


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Play Hi-Lo Gambler

Before you get the game rolling, it is important to place your bet. A bet is the fuel on which ‘winning real cash’ runs on. The minimum bet begins at 0.5coins, that is, 50p. The highest possible is £20 (coins). So, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can still meet the game.
Before a card is drawn, there are a number of options to be chosen from, they include the higher, lower or snap. “Snap” is said to be a probability of guessed/bet occurrence, that the next card to be pulled up would be of the same value with your guess.
After the bet, the machine is lit up. The gamble options are thus presented. The guess is to be chosen from the options Ace, King or Ace, King or Ace or any other picture, the black card, the Diamond or Heart, and the 2-9 card members. The winning per each guess is revealed on the machine table. Depending on the stake, the payout can be very huge, no matter which of the gamble options is chosen. Choosing Ace will give the highest payout in the guess, followed by the King or Ace, and then; any card, followed by the Black, and the Heart or Diamond and lastly the card numbers 2-9.
After the bet, the machine becomes dark, and a random card would dance its way across the screen to settle to a revelation. For every win, there would be the “Take All” or “Save Some” options. If you are done gaming, you can pick the Take All and walk away. However, if you are feeling lucky and you have some strong mind, you can pick the save some. So, you choose the amount to be saved in your wallet and the one you want to re-run the play.
If at the end of your session, you have accrued a loss, the game ends and your saved amount will get transferred into the balance. If you choose the losing tile, your stake will be deducted from your balance the game will be continued. If, however, you have chosen Take All, the winning will be transferred to your wallet account.
There is a 97.17% Return to Player (RTP) Value.

Hi-Lo Gambler Developer

The Hi-Lo Gambler is brought to your screenplay by the NYX group company also known as Realistic Gaming.
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