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This quest also involves that the King and his army takes all the treasures of all the lands for themselves. This online slot game was launched in 2017 and has grown to become a very prominent one among online players. The online video game runs very smoothly with highly fascinating features that keep players glued to it. It comes with a captivating soundtrack as well as eye-catching graphics that is irresistible from the very first try out. It is also suitable for play on the go whether your device is an iPhone or any smartphones at all.



Play King of Macedonia

For a game as this, the return to player (RTP) rating stands at 96.1%, and that’s a good enough assurance that your investment is worth it. On the reels of the King of Alexander, video slot is photos of the legendary king, his wife as well as his favorite horse, Bucephalus.
To start, get the armor, get your sword and take up your shield to begin the conquest under the banner of the great king. The game has a set of five reels and five rows, with an impressive 40 different paylines for making cool rewards.
There are mouth-watering rewards for those who have chosen to enlist in this army as they set out to conquer the world. The game also offers players a range of winning multiples to the tune of 3x, 2x, 5x and 10x to boost each of the winning ways.

Play King of Macedonia Bonus Features

In an overview, the game shows off the portrait of this great invincible king as a wild symbol that covers two reels and five rows. Note that at any point, any part of the picture can match an ordinary icon but only that it cannot replace the shield icon. The shield icon, appearing in the first reel of the main game, boosts all wins for a player for that particular round.
The symbols are made of typical items you can find in that old world, such as lutes, jewelry boxes, bowls, urns, and military helmets. The more rewarding symbols are the wild ones of the portrait of the king, his queen, and his favorite horse. The queen, for instance, can grant a player up to 600 coins for his payout, that is from hitting five in a row of the same line.
For any two of the high-paying symbols you hit on a row, you get a small reward price that gets bigger on a winning combination of three in a row. Players only have to match up as many symbols as possible on a single row.

King of Macedonia Developer

The International Gaming Technology (IGT) games company provides gaming solutions for different sects of players all over the world. Their influence cover over a hundred countries of the world, setting a high standard for service, integrity, and responsibility. Other fabulous products from IGT games include Cleopatra Megajackpots, Diamon Queen, Apollo Rising, 100 Ladies, 100 Pandas, and Baywatch 3D.

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