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Microgaming has designed the set in the most elegant and luxurious template to celebrate the world full of riches. As exciting as the possibility of winning big is, it takes a lot of commitment and patience for players to achieve those awards and rewards.
From the descriptions of the life of rich folks that we watch on TV, read in magazines and see in movies, players can now enjoy a similar scenery from the Life of Riches Video slot game. It creates visual imagery that illustrates class and no less than the very peak of the best high living. It is also needful to add that the game buildup has interesting sound integration as well as a rich red background outlook.



Play Life of Riches

The game set is on a 5-reel video slot that comprises 30 paylines, creatively a relatively more possibility of winning ways. This game has relatively higher volatility and therefore tests the patience of players, but eventually, they get to win up to 4000x multiple in the most senior line bet.
Just as also in real life, people who have made it big regarding riches would say they had it with luck and a lot of patience. Sometimes hard work is added to the equation, even footballers who get to be paid outrageous millions do more than just kicking around the ball. The jackpot price of 4000x will come, but before then, players can enjoy win boosts options from various bonus features of the slot game.

Play Life of Riches Bonus Features

The game is classic and well set with expensive commodities such as Louis Vuitton bags, Expensive watches, 30-feet long yatch, jewelry, Private jets, sports cars. The game also has five female characters such as a golf instructor, an air hostess, a bikini beach babe, an adrenaline junkie driver, and a stylish casino player.
The giant earning of a jackpot prize is attainable when a line of five Life of Riches icons align on one of the 30 paylines. There is a scatter symbol of a plane that flies around the earth when three figures align in any way. This occurrence also gives you the opportunity to play a bonus spin. The Life of Riches logo appears as a Wild symbol that is an excellent opportunity to convert a winning payline.

Life of Riches Developer

Microgaming is an award-winning game software company that leads many other smaller companies. The first exact online casino software was a product of Microgaming in 1994. The core popular game products include the Jurassic World, Game of Thrones and Playboy Gold, not to talk of new game releases each month. It is worthy of note that a Microgaming product in 2015, won the Guinness World Record of the Largest jackpot payout through an online slot worth pounds equivalent of over 17 million euros from a 25 pence spin.

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