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Based on the Irish culture and heritage, Lucky Falls developed by IGT is one interesting game to play. This game happens to be a little different than the slot games often seen. It’s all about catching the right prizes in the bucket that is present on the bottom of the screen. The majestic sight in the background of the game’s screen creates a very relaxing bliss-life environment, but don’t just go for the appearances, there are so many things that can be expected from the game. If played right, the return of the game is very considerable and therefore can award a lot.



Play Lucky Falls

As far as the basic features of the game, there are so many things to mention. Starting off with RTP of the game is 93%, but can vary between 85 – 93%. The minimum bet that can be made in this game is 50 pence, and the maximum that can be placed at stake is £10. While the game does not offer Autoplay options of wins from Scatter or Wild symbols, there is a Bonus round that compensates everything. Finally, this game can be played on all platforms and devices such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

Play Lucky Falls Bonus Features

Coming to the Bonus round, each game offers 1 bonus round, where the player is given the option to win as much as 3 prizes. If chosen correctly, the game promises to bring a lot of prizes and winnings to the player.

Lucky Falls Developer

Developers like IGT always understand what the player demands in a slot game. Whether it is games like Lucky Falls, that are a bit different from traditional slots, IGT knows how to plot a theme, integrate prizes with the theme’s background and form a masterpiece. There is no doubt that the developer is a master in slot gaming.

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As far as games go, there are a lot of games that share the same features with Lucky Falls. One fantastic game that makes it into the list is White Falls that has the exact gameplay as depicted in Lucky Falls. One other game that falls into this category is Emerald Falls, that shares not only the same features but also the theme.
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