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Lucky Pharaoh: the online slot that is changing opinions on the overdone Egyptian themed slots that you see saturate the online slot market. Lucky Pharaoh is a Merkur Gaming creation played out over 3 reels and 5 rows. This is a very basic looking slot, but don’t let that distract you, this is still a slot that is worthy of you time, and a must play for anyone looking at trying their hand at a variety of Egyptian themed slots. Lucky Pharaoh is a slot that is similar to vintage slots of old, where simplicity is key.


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Play Lucky Pharaoh slots no deposit
Play Lucky Pharaoh slot

Play Lucky Pharaoh

All symbols on these reels are very prestigious. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies all fill the reels in a kaleidoscope of different colours; an incredibly beautiful slot to behold that’s for sure. There is lower value symbols here, taking the shape of various letters. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below!

Play Lucky Pharaoh Bonus Features

Lucky Pharaoh isn’t a slot known for its various bonus features, so don’t come into this one thinking that there’s wilds and scatters of the like. Multipliers might not be here in the form of free spins, but they are here in some form. There is however power spins that offer additional multipliers of up to 4x the base score of that particular combination. The power spin feature is somewhat of a gamble.

You essentially risk your winnings in a way that can lose it all or add an additional multiplier to proceedings. It is of note that the power spins are not mandatory, and can be avoided if you are happy with the score that you end up with. Lucky Pharaoh is essentially a vintage slot of old with an additional feature that keeps things a little interesting with each and every spin. Not sure if this is the slot for you still? Be sure to check out our verdict below.

Lucky Pharaoh Developer

What’s brighter than the sun? Merkur Gaming that’s what. With an entree of games at their disposal, it’s quite simple to answer the question of why their games are so popular: they’re just too fun. The sun on their logo is only as bright as their ideas (and trust us, they aren’t lacking in that department). Not many devs out there have the dedication and have the intestinal fortitude to come out with an experience such as this.

The Verdict

Lucky Pharaoh is pretty much everything you could ever want in an online slot. It ticks pretty much every box that it can with impressive graphics to a highly enjoyable theme. Merkur Gaming have created a rather interesting take on a rather soppy title in a very commanding way that is definitely worth your time and attention as an avid player of the slots. Just try not to over-load on the cuteness! Looking for a site to play this on? We’d recommend Egypt slots, home to many other slots of a similar theme.

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