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Master Chen’s Fortune is provided by Pragmatic Play. This game is very interesting if you just open it for the first time. The yellow and red theme of the game is the real attraction, as far as its graphics go. In the middle stands Master Chen himself welcoming the player to try their luck and see what they can make out of Master Chen’s Fortune. One specific detail about this game relies on the fact that with Master Chen comes also the White Cat and the Green Vase. It’s important to keep these two in mind because they are going to be needed in the when the game is being played.


Master-Chens-Fortune no deposit slots
Master-Chens-Fortune slots no deposit
Master-Chens-Fortune no deposit slots

Play Master Chen’s Fortune

Here is everything you’d like to know about Master Chen’s Fortunes. The game offers an RTP of 96.48% and can be considered very fair and sufficient seeing the theme of the game. The game is accessible on Tablet, Phone, and Desktop. The game offers 9 paylines, and the interesting thing about it is that it can go both ways. The structure of the slot is 5 x 3. The minimum bet that can be made in this game is 0.09 and the maximum that you can win in Master Chen’s Fortune is 25,000.

Play Master Chen’s Fortune Bonus Features

A few symbols to look out for are the White Cat, Flowers, Oranges, and Green Vase. The Green Vase offers a maximum of €3,750. The Flowers symbol can let you win as much as €12,500 so long as the symbol is found 5 times in the paylines. Finally, the White cat symbol is the one to really look for. Even found 3 times in the slot can let the player win €500. If found 4 times, the player can have €2,500, and finally, after being struck 5 times in the slot, the player can manage to win €25,000. The Wild symbol in this game happens to be Master Chen himself and if found in the slot can turn all symbols into Wild minus the Scatter symbol. The symbol appears only in the 2-4th reel of the game. The Scatter symbol in this game is the Chinese writing in Gold and offers €4,500 for being found 5 times in the game.

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Some notable games that manage to find their theme close to Master Chen’s Fortune are Wins of Fortune and Golden Dragon. These games not only represent the ancient Chinese culture but also see to have the fortune vibe that shows so much resemblance to Master Chen’s Fortune.

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Chitty Bang and Lucky Lands happen to be some of the games out of many that seem to have the same features and RTP, as far as Master Chen’s Fortune goes.

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