Play Medusa

Medusa was a Greek monster who was said to have a head with many snakes and could turn anyone who looked into her eyes, into a stone. As per legends she owned one of the largest treasures in ancient Greece and defended those treasures fiercely. Anyone who attempted to touch those treasures was turned to stone by Medusa. This slot game will bring Medusa right in front of you. Don’t falter or waiver because it is your guts that will ultimately reward you. Keep on searching for the treasure and leave the risks aside. This Greek mythological game will be a big entertainment for players due to its fun and thrilling theme. It can be played right now on EgyptSlots. This game has a RTP of 95.425% that come with 5 reels and 25 paylines.



Play Medusa

The game’s theme is focused on Greek culture and folklore therefore you would find everything associated with Greek lifestyle i.e. the theme, background, music, colours and the symbols. This game’s genre is categorized as Mythology. Don’t worry about what happens to you because the rewards which await at the end are many and will be worth every inch of danger which you will pass through. Background of this slot game shows an ancient Greek town with huge Greek architecture buildings along with paved roads that depict an ancient town. However there is one thing that is worrisome and that’s the absence of people in the town. Fear of medusa and her terror has forced the people to flee this area. It now lies silent and vacant without any signs of life. Medusa is rumoured to be hiding in this town somewhere with her treasures and this town has now become her lair. The game’s slot box is also built under a Greek styled roof with number of lines on either side as the pillars of that roof. It has a white background which gives an attractive look the reels. The symbols used in the game are all of Greek style and include a spear, a winged shoe, an amphora, a snake, a bronze coin and a temple. Bonus , wild and scatter symbols are also there to help you in your wins.

Play Medusa Bonus Features

The first bonus feature is the Turned To Stone respins which rewards free spins to the players if they land 3x Medusa Scatter symbols on the reels. One Bitten Bonus is another feature in which on landing the Medusa scatter symbols triggers free spins along with all the wins that are doubled. If the player lands the soldier symbol on reel 3 then that triggers the soldier super spins feature. Another bonus feature is the Pegasus bonus feature which prompts the player to pick a prize from those shown on the screen. The gamble feature is also there for the player to gamble with his wins. Its either a double or a quadruple win so try your luck with the gamble and see if you can fill your pockets even more.

Medusa Developer

NextGen is among the top notch developers of the gaming industry. They have a dedication to develop new and innovative games for their fans. On and Off they keep coming up with new and fun themes for slot games that are unique. There are several other games similar to Medusa I that are Crocodopolis, Doctor Love, California Gold, Bobby 7s, Dolphin Reef, Emperor’s Garden etc.

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