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Life is too complex and the older folks will attest to that; that is why you need to let yourself go at the smallest opportunity. Monster Wheels slots offer casino players a chance to go out to the race tracks at will to witness what a combination of size and speed can do. The game features a group of truck owners and their love for these toys is evident from the humongous rides; they measure up to the size of a small house. Such automobiles exist in real life but many will admit to last seeing them at a road show or track; most of these events are held once per year. The name of this slot does not only reflect the size of the wheels alone though; they are a source of horror for all who encounter them.


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Play Monster Wheels

Did you expect the symbols on the reels of the Monster Wheels online video slot to be all car related? You are wrong because you will soon come across a grumpy looking green space alien, vampire and female devil. This slot bears a combination of two themes; real demonic horror and mad road rush. Comprised of 5 reels and between 128 and 288 options of attaining a win, Monster Wheels slot game has given immense freedom to all those who come into contact with it. If you must do something after beginning your game, there is no reason to pause it because the slot has an autoplay function that will continue spinning your luck with all your preferred settings in place. It is amazing how Monster Wheels video slot has accommodated all caliber of players through providing a wide bet range of between 0.15 and 30.00.

Play Monster Wheels Special Features

Every time you launch the Monster Wheels slot, you are prompted to pick a reels setup; 4-3-2-3-4 or 2-4-2-4-2. It is this unusual reels layout that makes the game to look strange to first timers but it is rather simple with constant play. The amount of money you place as a bet determines the winning combinations available to you; 20p to £10 per spin for 128 combinations or 30p and £15 per spin for 288 combinations. This slot has a free spins feature that gets triggered when 3 gas can scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. Players have the freedom to decide how many free spins they wish to get and these are accompanied by a multiplier.

Monster Wheels Developer

From the graphics and layout of this Microgaming slot, it is clear that Monster Wheels was created for those who live life to the fullest. Imagine getting a retrigger on bonus spins to get a chance to win 7,680 times your bet. This is possible and it gets even better because the slot which has been optimized for multiple devices does not require downloading and installing software to access it. Microgaming is keen on bringing fun to its fans and Monster Wheels is proof that the developer’s strategy is working.

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