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How many online slots have you seen in the past that plays upon an ancient Egypt theme? Travelling back to times of old where scarabs and mummy walk the sands. Fantasy slots in general all tend to follow this theme, to give players a window into life through a different perspective, all while giving them the chance to win some rather ancient cash prizes along the way. Be sure to check out this slot on the online slot site Egypt slots, if anything it heightens the experience of this slot overall.


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Play Mummy Gold slot
Play Mummy Gold no deposit slots

Play Mummy Gold

Mummy Gold from Nektan is an experience unlike those you thought you knew. Egypt in general is such an incredible place to visit, but then again there is nothing like ancient Egypt to light those nostalgic fires. Theme plays heavy on this title, which adds to the very immersive style of the gameplay and it’s design. Symbols and overall aesthetic all lean on the Egyptian theme very nicely. This is a 5 reel by 25 pay-line slot that has a lot to offer that you don’t see on a surface level. We would advise multiple spins on these reels due to the diverse nature of the bet amounts

Play Mummy Gold Bonus Features

Like any online slot, there are wilds, and wilds in Mummy Gold is represented by the mummy his/herself. Wilds will substitute for other symbols on the reels that will unwrap even more ways for one to come out on top. These symbols are frequent if not incredibly common on the reels, the only difficult part is matching them accordingly. Wilds unlock scatter symbols, and whenever there are 3 of these symbols on the reels at any given time, you will be awarded with free spins. Be warned, this is a disclaimer letting you know that these free spins do not offer any multipliers or additional features, they only allow you to play for free.

Mummy Gold Developer

Introducing: Nektan, the online dev team that cares. Creating the types of experiences you hope to play during that time of day when you just want to kick back and relax. Over the past few years, Nektan has turned a simple pipe dream into a breathing business that continues to push new ideas with new forms of technology in perfect harmony. You name it, these guys have probably made it. We tend to gravitate towards developers who try something a little differently, and with Nektan you certainly get that in spades.

The Verdict

Everyone wants to be Indiana Jones lets face it, and with Mummy Gold you are basically walking in his shoes: this time in a more ancient Egyptian setting. It is very hard to come across a game that does everything right, from theme to gameplay it is quite clear as to why this game was made in the first place. It was made because the game devs had a vision and to not share that vision would have been a crime in itself.

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