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It Is going to give you chills in your back as you will be trying to explore the attic in the background of this slot game. Try to explore this mysterious and creepy area which the game will take you in to find some precious items but be very careful a lot of black magic and evil crawls all over this place. Don’t fall for the traps and horror sound effects because you will be scared to your bones if you concentrate on the creepy sounds. Enter this mysterious world to find out the reason of this creepiness at EgyptSlots. This slot game has an RTP of 96.6% with 5 reels and 30 betways.



Play Mythic Maiden

This game’s genre is Horror so the developers have made sure that everything about this game is made as freaky and mysterious as possible. Horror is defined as the fear of the unknown so this game is all about mysteries and strange noises whose source cannot be determined. You as a detective will play this game and solve the mysteries. Be sure to go armed so that you may protect yourself just in case something happens. The main colour of the game’s screen is red which adds a very creepy look to the screen. Red is also taken as a universal colour for danger and in black magic red is considered a precious colour by using which the dark arts are practiced. Slot box of this game encapsulated within a mysterious frame carved out of wood. A creepy room is visible from the transparent reels in the background with lots of mysterious items. Don’t touch or pick any item. The symbols of this slot game are either in the shape of candle alphabets such as J,Q,K,A,10 or weird and scary symbols such as a red chest, a skeletal hand, a spider, a skull with fangs and a shrunken head. The extra symbols include the wild symbol and the scattering symbol.

Play Mythic Maiden Bonus Features

This slot has 2 main bonus features which are the free spins and wild symbols. The first feature free spins can be granted to the player if the player manages to get at least 3x scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. During the free spins this Iron Maiden will appear randomly and will grant the players a multiplier of at least 10x. This wonderful rewarding feature can be retriggered as well. The second bonus is the wild multiplier in which each time you land a winning combination with a wild symbol you will earn a multiplier of upto 3x.

Mythic Maiden Developer

NetEnt was founded in 1996 and has ever since proven to be a top notch company in the slot gaming industry. A large number of casinos host the games launched by NetEnt due to their popularity with fans. Other famous titles from NetEnt include Wild Turkey, Wild Water, Vegas Party, and Witchcraft Academy etc.

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