Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

It’s time to take that trip back in time once again to ancient Egypt. It appears that slot devs just cant help themselves when it comes to having slots based on this theme. All of the telltale signs are here: pyramids, hieroglyphics, pharaohs, everything. We understand why this theme is used a lot in these games. The ancient Egyptians were notoriously known for being the most powerful and wealthy of most tales of history, which is probably why slots such as Pharaohs Fortune New exist.

Play PHARAOHS FORTUNE no deposit slots
Play PHARAOHS FORTUNE slots no deposit

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

Pharaoh’s Fortune New is a 5 reel online slot, developed by IGT. This slot is playable on a variety of different devices, including mobile which allows you to keep the fun rolling wherever and whenever. Symbols in Pharaohs Fortune New take the shape of a variety of different symbols. Symbols that include: the games logo (wild), wolves, snakes, owls and pharaohs, among others. It goes without saying, but the more symbols you can implement within the winning pay-line, the higher your overall score will be. Looking for a site to play this slot on? Visit Egypt slots (and not just because of the obvious relation to the theme of this slot), it has a lot of different slots that are of a variety of different themes.

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Features

A wild kinda game: Like with most online slots out there, the most effective way in coming out with the most currency possible is to aim for the bonus features. Wilds are your best friend in Pharaohs Fortune, offering you alternative ways of hitting the high notes. Matching anywhere between 3-5 wilds will give you a rather generous cash pay-out.

The wild symbol is capable of substituting for other symbols out on the reels, which is ideal when you consider the fact that the free spins are your main goal if you are wanting to get the most money possible from your bets. Get the green pharaoh symbol on reels 1 through 3 and you will unlock free spins. These spins offer various different multipliers that push your scores even past their initial threshold.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Developer

International Game Technology, or IGT for short, is not only a rising star in the world of online slots, but is also building a lasting legacy as one of the more user-friendly businesses simply due to innovation and passion. So many game devs lose sight on what is most important in the industry and are doomed to fail from the start. IGT play to the importance of this industry everyday, providing user friendly games that are sure to make you laugh, cry and cheer in joy as you see the money just rolling in. Not many game devs can do it like these guys can.

The Verdict

Pharaohs Fortune New is not your typical Egyptian themed slot, this is clearly something of a trend-setter, the type of slot that forces its peers to step up their game. If you are a history buff and are looking for a slot that doesn’t take its self too seriously, then you might have found your calling in Pharaohs Fortune New.

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