Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

This is a simple-but-strong online slot from the studios of IGT, offering you the chance to take riches away from the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in a slot played on five reels and three rows. There are fifteen fixed paylines to look out for, with RTP at 94.78%, and a free spins round that takes the unusual step of promising you victory before you start. Pharaoh’s Fortune is just one of a whole range of great online slots we offer to players at Egypt Slots, where you can also play Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Eye of Horus and Cleos Wish.


Play PHARAOHS FORTUNE no deposit slots
Play PHARAOHS FORTUNE slots no deposit

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune

A really good slot game can stand the test of time, even when technology moves on, and animation standards improve. If you want evidence of that, you should look no further than IGT’s Pharaoh’s Fortune, which actually makes a feature out of its simplicity. You won’t get cinematic animation or movie cut-scenes here; just a great online slot with a bonus feature which actually rewards you for activating it, even if the reels don’t spin the way you want them to.

You don’t need us to tell you where Pharaoh’s Fortune is set; you’re on, so you have a pretty good idea anyway! We’re going deep into Egypt’s rich and cultured history to find the symbols and treasures that are hiding within this online slot. The Pharaohs of legend were among the wealthiest people on Earth during their lifetimes; this slot is offering you the chance to sample some of those riches for yourself by trying to take their fortune away.

Although Pharaoh’s Fortune was released in 2006, IGT’s intelligent design processes have prevented it from showing signs of age. One of the things that Egypt is best known for is hieroglyphics and wall paintings; it’s through them that we’ve been able to decode some of the secrets of their history. Those same symbols make great candidates for use as symbols within an online slot, so by faithfully recreating them on the reels, IGT has truly created an online slot with a timeless quality.
There’s nothing over-the-top ox extravagant about the layout of rows and reels here; it’s 5×3, with fifteen fixed paylines, and a comparatively low number of symbols to help you achieve those paying lines with more frequency. The reels are set into the walls of a sandstone Egyptian temple, with two columns bearing the weight. The columns, like the reels themselves, are decked out in hieroglyphs.
Every symbol in Pharaoh’s Fortune is on-message concerning the theme, so forget about seeing dull playing cards or anything similar. If you know your Egyptology, you’ll recognise the depictions of Horus, Anubis, Osiris, Set and the Eye of Horus, and they’re joined by representations of men in chariots and other images that are harder to decipher. They all feel authentic, and they make for good atmospheric visuals when you’re playing.

There are symbols above and beyond the standard issue of course, and in Pharaoh’s Fortune, we have three additional inclusions. First, there’s a Pyramid which is emblazoned with the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot logo, which is your wild and will replace anything but the bonus and scatter symbols to forge winning lines. The scatter is a scarab and will pay out in multiples of your stake if two or more appear anywhere on the reels. It’s the bonus feature; represented as a golden Egyptian death mask; which provides access to the one bonus feature that this slot offers.

Before we get into that, we feel it’s only right we should provide you with fair warning about this slot’s soundtrack. We hope you like ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles because you’re going to be hearing it a lot. And by ‘a lot’ we mean constantly. The first four bars of the track play over and over during the standard game. When you progress into the bonus feature, you’ll get the first verse of the song played on a loop, and when the bonus ends, you’ll finally get the chorus. It’s undoubtedly a classic track, but it doesn’t gel well with the visual style of the slot, and after around fifteen minutes you may find it starting to grate on you. We suggest turning the sound off when that happens. You won’t miss anything; the slot will tell you when you’ve found a winning line, and there are no sound effects to accompany winnings anyway.

Now we’ve provided that warning, let’s look at the bonus!

Play Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Bonus Features

As a vintage slot, we shouldn’t expect Pharaoh’s Fortune to be crammed full of bonus features, and it isn’t. There’s only one on offer, but it does something you may not have encountered in an online slot before; it guarantees you that you’ll win every time you spin the reels, even if you don’t create a winning line on the reels.

It’s Free Spins that are on offer, and they’re triggered when you can find three or more of those smiling golden deathmasks on the reels. They have to be on a recognised payline to count, so triggering the feature isn’t the easiest task, but you’ll want to keep playing until you do. When you have, you’re taken to a new screen where you continually pick from a vast number of stone blocks, each of which will crumble and give you either more free spins or a further multiplier. One of the stone blocks is hiding the ‘begin free spins’ option, so you won’t want to see that until you’ve bagged yourself a healthy number of spins with a strong multiplying factor applied.

Play then begins, for as many spins as you found, with whatever multiplier you achieved applied to any winning lines. Even on a spin where you don’t find a winning line, the game will pay you 3x your stake. That’s not mega-money, but it’s more than most slots will do for you, and it takes some of the frustration out of seeing one of your free spins go to waste. There’s more generosity to be found here too; if you find any additional bonus symbols on the first, second or third reels during your free spins round, you’ll be rewarded with double the number of free spins you started with. This round can pay out big, and pay out for a long time.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Developer

The best that any other online slot developer can hope for is that one day they’ll be as big as IGT; it’s hard to imagine anyone becoming bigger. They have a vast and extensive range of online slots for players of all interests, and if you want them to, they’ll also supply you with a machine to play it on. IGT is involved in every aspect of the gaming industry you can imagine; they don’t just make slot games, but the software that allows slot games to be played over the internet. The most accurate way to describe them would probably be as a solutions company; wherever there’s a gaming need of some kind, IGT is there to fill it. They’re not short of people to do it for them either; they employ more than 12,000 people. Their head office, along with most of their staff, is in the UK, but you’ll also find IGT offices in Rome, in Rhode Island, and the spiritual homeland of all things casino; Las Vegas.

Even with everything they’ve achieved, IGT is still reaching higher. They speak on their website of wanting to be seen as the leaders of innovation within the whole sphere of gaming, and being the company that takes the industry forward instead of riding the wave. Given the massive resources at their disposal, we think they’re a safe bet to fulfil that role.

The company didn’t get to this size by accident; in the not-too-distant past there was a company in the UK called Gtech, and a company in the USA called International Game Technology. Both were enormous, and at one point were considered rivals until Gtech stumped up the immense sum of £6.4bn to buy the old IGT out. Once the deal was complete and the smoke had cleared, Gtech decided they preferred the IGT name (they had just paid for it, after all!), and rebranded themselves accordingly.

You could spend a whole day browsing through the full product range that IGT advertise, which comes in at more than two thousand different potential purchases, but in terms of online slots, they’ve been responsible for more than four hundred. That covers a lot of time, a lot of themes and a lot of interests, but some of their best known are Cleopatra, Miss White, Da Vinci Diamonds and, of course, Pharaoh’s Fortune. Comedy fans may be interested to know that they also created the official slot game for the TV show ‘Family Guy’.

Pharaoh’s Fortune is no longer featured on IGT’s website at all, so we’re unable to bring you their own assessment of their product. We suppose that after more than a decade, and with so many newer slot games to offer, they no longer feel like they need to advertise it. That may be true, but we’ll happily do it for them. Pharaoh’s Fortune is an online slot that’s full of fun, and the ‘guaranteed win’ aspect of the free spins feature is delightful. Just consider keeping the sound off when you’re playing for the sake of your own sanity!

Slot Games Similar To Pharaoh’s Fortune From IGT

There are hundreds of online slots attributed to IGT, so of course they have more than just Pharaoh’s Fortune to offer us in terms of slots inspired by Egypt. They’ve hit on the genre several times, and here are a few of their better-known offerings which use the theme.


Just like Pharaoh’s Fortune, Cleopatra is a slot game from another era. It can trace its roots back to a time before online slots existed, having been created to work inside a physical cabinet on casino floors. Players fell in love with it, and continued to flock to it even after most of the slot game market went online, so IGT went with the flow and converted their precious asset into an online slot. Now it’s enjoying a new lease of life, remaining one of the most played slots we host at Egypt Slots even though there are many newer and more complex options available. Cleopatra slot features the best traditions of slot gaming; a 5×3 layout, a simple 20 fixed payline structure, and a mid-range RTP of 95.02%, but it plays so smoothly and gracefully that if you didn’t know better, you’d presume it was brand new. The free spins round plays out 3x multiples of all the winning lines it creates, and Cleopatra herself doubles any wins she makes as a wild. It’s prettier than Pharaoh’s Fortune, even if it doesn’t have the extra generosity within the free spins feature.

Cleopatra Plus:

When you take something and add the word ‘plus’ next to it, the implication is that you’ve added something to the original product to make it better. Making an online slot better than the original Cleopatra is a tall order, but IGT has given it their best shot with Cleopatra Plus. In every way possible, they’ve taken the concept of the first Cleopatra slot and expanded on it. The animations are modern and slick, the sounds belong to the current era of gaming, and there are now forty paylines; doubling the 20 of the original. What makes Cleopatra Plus stand out is that it rewards players who stay with it for longer; the free spins feature accumulates any scatters you encounter during the base game, storing them for future use. Each time you then trigger your free spins, the multiplier is higher depending on how many scatters you have stored. RTP is higher than it was in the first Cleopatra too, reaching 96.50%. It’s a more complicated slot than either the original Cleopatra or Pharaoh’s Fortune, and you won’t get the best out of it in a fifteen-minute session, but originality is always to be encouraged.

Crown Of Egypt:

You’d have to consider the Crown of Egypt to be among the Pharaoh’s fortune, and so we can consider IGT’s Crown of Egypt to be an extension of the same theme! This is literally a bigger slot than any of the other IGT offerings we’ve mentioned. The layout is 5×4, and if you have the budget to support it, you can open up 1024 different paylines. Crown of Egypt contains IGT’s ‘Multiway Xtra’ bonus feature. Simply put, if you’re willing to increase your stake, the slot will increase the number of paylines. You bet higher for a greater chance of being rewarded. That might put off the more cautious players among you, and that’s fine; that’s why we have slots like Cleopatra and Pharaoh’s Fortune; everyone is catered for at! Crown Of Egypt is a handsome slot game with some great graphics, a reasonable RTP at 95.03%, and a free spins feature to keep it interesting. Small bets probably won’t get you very far, but if you’re a high roller, this slot lends itself to your style.

Slot Games Similar To Pharaoh’s Fortune From Elsewhere

It would be wrong of us to spend the whole review talking about IGT’s range of Egyptian slots; we’ll host Egyptian-themed online slots from anywhere we can find them, so long as they’re of the right quality. We work with far more developers than just IGT, and they have great products of their own for your consideration! Check out our full list of slot games to see all the details, but here’s a window into what we’re able to offer our players.

Cleo’s Wish:

If you’re going to make an Egyptian-themed online slot, and you choose to go with a historical figure instead of focusing on the Pyramids or just the symbolism, then chances are you’re going to go with Cleopatra or Tutankhamun. NextGen Gaming has gone with Cleopatra in Cleo’s Wises, and the result is a cute and colourful slot game with plenty of delightful features. The style of the presentation is akin to a high-quality cartoon; the sort of thing Pixar might use in a movie. You might look at the cuteness, the 5×3 layout and the fact that Cleo’s Wish slot only has 25 paylines and think you’re about to spin the reels on something simple, but there’s more going on here than the base game alone can reveal. Cleo’s Wish has a free spins feature that can, in theory, continue forever. It starts off with the fifth reel turning entirely wild, and then moving along towards the first reel one spin at a time. So long as there’s always at least one wild on the reels, the free spins continue. How long can you keep it spinning? Play it, and find out!


Where do you imagine the Pharaoh keeps his fortune? That’s right, hidden, just like it is in the title of this Egypt-themed slot from Elk Studios. This is a large-scale slot game, taking the same approach IGT did to Crown of Egypt by opening up to a 5×4 layout of reels and rows. There’s a cartoonish vibe to the Hidden slot, which has a story about an explorer and his camel searching for treasure among the sands and pyramids. Unorthodox free spins features seem to be the calling card of good Egyptian-themed slot games, and there’s another twist on the theme here from Elk. When you start free spins, two of the picture symbols will be chosen at random, and inflated to two 2×2 symbols for the duration of the spins. That makes winning lines a lot easier to find; especially if you’re lucky enough for them both to appear on the same reel! Hidden does its best to help you out with luck; it may trigger a further bonus at random at any time, and give you three free spins with a whole reel of wilds. As a slot game, it can’t say fairer than that! With an RTP of 96.30%, Hidden is both generous and fun.

Queen of Riches:

In Egypt, the Pharoah has a fortune, and the Queen is rich! If you’d like to try to take your winnings from the Queen instead of the Pharaoh, then come and take a look at this online slot from the Big Time Gaming studio. Just don’t expect it to be a straightforward visit! Queen of Riches us a huge slot, with six reels, and a changeable number of rows which can go as high as seven. If that isn’t enough to keep you on your toes, some of the symbols will occasionally become two rows high. It’s variations like these which add up, giving the Queen of Riches slot an incredible 117,649 separate and unique ways to win. The expanded set of reels is central to the slot’s bonus features; one of them clones the sixth reel, meaning you have two identical sets of reels in play with all the potential benefits that might come with that, and another can turn either one or two sets of the reels totally wild, giving your chances of finding a big win a major lift. RTP is 96.9%, and if you’re looking for a departure from the norm, Queen of Riches might be it.

Pharaoh’s Fortune On Mobile

As an older slot game, having been released back in 2006, it would be understandable if you had some concerns about how Pharaoh’s Fortune might perform as a mobile slot. The idea of adapting slot games to be played on phones had barely been considered back then, and what we now call smartphones didn’t really exist!

Fortunately, IGT has stayed true to their commitment to technology. Pharaoh’s Fortune works smoothly and superbly on mobile devices. Because the visuals are so simple to begin with there’s no issue with the quality on the smaller screen, and the reels and symbols are just as sharp in both versions. The soundtrack is still present too, so you may want to choose to play with the sound off when you’re given the prompt!

The only slight issue we have is that we’re forced to turn our phones sideways into landscape perspective when we want to play Pharaoh’s Fortune as a mobile slot. It would be nice to have the option, but we suppose when you’re converting an older title and making it work for mobile devices, we can’t have anything.

When played full screen, in a landscape perspective, Pharaoh’s Fortune offers you the same playing experience as a mobile slot as it does as an online slot. It may be well over a decade old, but IGT has put in the work to make sure it’s still playable a decade from now.

Pharaoh’s Fortune In The News

Pharaoh’s Fortune is over a decade old, so nothing about it is ‘news’ anymore; it’s been around for a long time, and the industry press knows all they’re ever going to know about it!

That doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth the occasional mention. The iGaming Business website, which reports on the economic side of the gaming industry, recently reported that SkillOnNet, a white-label casino software supplier, has agreed on a deal with IGT to license 75 of its most popular online slots for use. And what’s within those 75 slots and worthy of a mention in the article, even after all this time? You guessed it, Pharaoh’s Fortune. It’s a monument in the slot game world, designed to stand forever like the Great Pyramid of Giza itself. And that’s why we’re so happy to have it here to offer to you at Get registered today so you can play it yourself, and we’ll match the value of any funds you deposit all the way up to £500!

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