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Play Planet of the Apes Now

Inspired by the original Movie and designed by NetEnt this wonderful slot will take you into another world where you will be experiencing the rise of the Apes as competitors to the human race. You will feel how it looks like to have monkeys and apes take over your city and home and having the same IQ level as you. For the fans of the movie this slot is a treat because it lets you experience the thrill and action of the movie itself. You will be taking the role of a human survivor who is designated to save the human race from the ape’s onslaught. Do that and you will be rewarded in heavy terms by the human council. Try your guts and luck at Egypt Slots and play this game right now. It has an RTP of 96.33% that’s not too bad and has 5 reels with 20+20 paylines.



Play Planet of the Apes

The game’s theme is all about the Movie itself so it tries to recreate the same environment which you saw in the movie. The genre of this slot game like the movie is Action and Adventure. Action because the apes wont be so easy to handle and adventure because of the thrills and up and downs that this journey will have. The slot box of the game is very different from other slot games and has a different pattern from the traditional slot boxes. It has two sets of reels , the left set is called Rise and the right set of reels is called Dawn. The game’s title is shown on the top of the slot box with a wall shown in the background. An ape’s face has been painted on the wall itself along with some other random spray paint drawings. The symbols that are used in this game are of two main types. The minor value symbols are depicted by alphabets such as J,K,Q,A and 10. The minor valued symbols are same for both the types of reels i.e. Dawn and Rise. The other type the major valued alphabets are represented by symbols from the movie itself like Ceaser and three separate symbols of a character from the movie. The only difference in major valued symbols is that on the Rise (left) reels characters from the Rise of Planet of the Apes are visible while on the Dawn (right) reels characters from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are visible.

Play Planet of the Apes Bonus Features

There are several bonus features such as the free spins which can be triggered by landing at least 3x scatter symbols. If you land on the rise reels then you are awarded with 10x free spins and if you land in the dawn reels then you will be awarded with 15x free spins. Another feature is the stacked wilds in which if you manage to stack one reel with wilds then it will automatically copy itself to the other type of reel set and make a stacked reel over there as well. Then there are the Rise and Dawn bonuses which result from landing bonus symbols on either part of the reels which can reward the player with either a cash prize or beneficial symbol transformations.

Planet of the Apes Developer

With use of advance coding and putting in lot of hard work, NetEnt is making its way to the top by developing such awesome and fun filled slot games. Other similar games to Planet of the Apes from NetEnt include Thief, Steam Tower, Trolls, Victorious, Wild Turkey etc.

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