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The playboy theme is a powerful force yet very few players in the casino industry have been bold enough to toy with it. Microgaming took a shot at it with the first release that used bunnies to bring out the adult theme. This current rendition is much more convincing, although bunnies are used, they act as special feature triggers. Bunnies are a soothing toy to give for any occasion where the main intention of the season is to share love and affection. Think of the jumbo bunnies of Playboy Gold as huge keys that you use to unlock great rewards. If you have seen the Playboy magazine, it gets easier to relate the current images to what you see, otherwise, the slots version will provide a new show that you will enjoy for hours.


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Play Playboy Gold

The gaming environment for Playboy Gold is a club environment; playboy parties were a huge attraction in the early nineties and it seems as though Microgaming is bringing back their glory. When you launch the video slot, you come face to face with 4 playboy bunnies in a 10 by 6 fun space. The images are made to be this big to command high impact. Your role as the player on this slot is to spin then wait for your wins which you can choose to celebrate with the playmates for jumbo wins. Audrey and Rachel are the hosts of the party and will lead you to unlock bonuses, increase multipliers and trigger free spins. You are guaranteed non-stop excitement at Playboy Gold, creative animations and cool sounds to make any day bright.

Play Playboy Gold Special Features

At Playboy Gold, fun definitely begins when a player hits the play button. Each one of the 4 Playboy Bunnies is capable of triggering the jumbo feature in the base game. This is an instant reward release for a win, free round or high multiplier for wins. When a free round is unlocked, it is accompanied by a full set of bunny images.

When a single bunny icon appears on the reels, it could potentially activate a block of 24 identical bunny symbols. Watch these bunnies closely and you will notice that each has a matching color motif on the main slot logo.

The wild of the Playboy Gold slot game is the Golden Playboy signage; it will not pay but have even one on a pay line, could tip your fortunes for the better.

Playboy Gold Developer

Following the successful launch of Triple Edge Studios brand, Playboy Gold was released in 2018. A brand under the Microgaming banner, this studio shows signs that it will be featuring among the great in no time. When a big brand such as Microgaming agrees to hold your hand in your quest for greatness, you better take heed as Triple Edge Studios is doing.

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