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Young Rodeos and Cowboys, get ready y’all for a ride into the Wild West. This ride is going to take you deep into the wild west of the American desert where you will be in the boots of a young cowboy who is doing his job as a bounty hunter. You are on your hunt to bring down some bandits who have looted and kept the people of the Wild West very disturbed. So get your pistols ready, your horse watered and your shoes tight because you are going to have a ride of your life in this amazing game. Developed by IWG it offers a very huge entertaining package for the players. Get your horse from Egypt Slots to start your adventure. This game has an RTP of 87.55%.



Play Quickfire Cash

The aim of this game is to make the players enjoy and experience the life of adventure that the cowboys had to live in their times. It also struggles to give the player ready wins and rewards just like the bounty hunters who were paid on spot the moment they brought in the heads of the culprits or brought them alive to the authorities. So get ready to have some amazing wins in this game because it is quite different from other games out there and it’s designed to give you your wins instantly. The general theme is of the Wild West so the whole screen has been made up of wooden frames and is divided into different sections, with each section responsible for a different way of playing this amazing game. The dominant colour on the screen is brown that depicts the fresh wood from which the screen has been designed. The different symbols you will see on the screen are either the barrels or the money symbols. This game offers a wide 13 chances to win it all if you can. So don’t delay it , get your boots on and start off with this amazing game right now.

Play Quickfire Cash Bonus Features

There are four main ways to play this game but first you have to roll the dice to get a number which will determine your multiplier value. Once you are done with the multiplier you have four mini games available to enjoy this game. In the first game you will click any one barrel which will uncover two symbols and if those symbols are matching then the prize is yours. In the second game if you click the coin then it will reveal two numbers and if your number is bigger than the show number then the prize is yours cowboy. In the third game , you will click on the dollar sign to again reveal 2 numbers and if you are lucky enough that the sum of those numbers shown is equal to 10 then the prize is again yours to take. In the fourth game clicking on the money bag will reward you with prize if your luck is working.

Quickfire Cash Developer

IWG has made itself a reputable company by developing such different and unique games that instantly catch the eye of the players. Other similar games to Quick Fire Cash include Crystal Fortunes, Crossword Cash, Egyptian Treasure etc.

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