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Taking you deep into African territory this slot game developed by Scientific Gaming allows you to experience the rage and the ferocity of the mighty Rhino. It will take you to the African mainland where the great Rhino rules these plains. It is considered among the mightiest of all the animals on land and once it is in its raging form then nothing can stop this great beast from stomping or crushing anyone or anything in its path. All other animals leave their ways when they feel a rhino is raging nearby and is about to charge. It has massive muscle and has earned for itself a massive respect from other animals due to its huge size. Feel the rage of this great Rhino on Egypt Slots and enjoy the treasures of the great African continent. This game has an RTP of 95.9% with 6 reels and a whooping figure of 4096 betways.



Play Raging Rhino

This African based slot game is going to teleport the players the great African plains where you will feel the wild animals roaming around and the powerful stomps of the great Rhino in the distance. Keep your distance from this mighty beast if you want to survive and enjoy this trip in the African mainland. This game’s genre is Adventure. Background of this slot game shows the great African plains which are home to so many species of animals which include both herbivores and carnivores. The animals roam these plains and continue to live under the cycle of life. The golden grass coupled with the blue sky gives a very lavish and wild look to the background. Slot box of the game is violet in colour that makes it very distinct from the background and has 5 reels. It is covered by a thick violet border. The symbols that are used are J,K,Q,A,9 and 10 where as the heavy valued symbols are different animals that live in these plains such as An Alligator, A Cheetah, A Baboon, A Rhino and A Mongoose. The extra symbols include the wild symbols which will add more spice to the fun and your experience a real wild one.

Play Raging Rhino Bonus Features

This wild and adventure filled slot game has a main feature of free spins which is enabled if the player manages to get 3x or more crystal scatter symbols on the reels. For each 3,4,5 and 6 scatter symbols the player gets to have 8,15,20 and 50 wild spins. If a wild spin forms a part of wins during this free spins feature then it gives a multiplier of 2x or 3x to the player depending on the player’s luck. If you are in for more fun then try your luck and more scatter symbols during the free spins feature. It will re trigger the free spins feature for you.

Raging Rhino Developer

Scientific Gaming has a secret recipe of making special slots for its fans. It never fails to disappoint the fans who have a lot of expectations from this developing company. Similar titles to Raging Rhino include The Wizard of Oz, Li’l Red, Monopoly, Koronos etc.

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