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The game derives its theme and baseline from the Irish folklore of Leprechauns who are rumoured to be legendary creatures that possess knowledge of giant treasures. The Leprechaun as per legends is a very difficult creature to catch and it only bestows a small amount of gold on those who it personally favours. You would find yourself somewhere in the green plains of Irish Countryside where the Leprechaun was last seen. Try to earn his friendship and be in his close circle. Who knows what might he bestow on your for being his trusted friend. Rainbows and Leprechauns always have an association because both are related to treasures and that’s where from this game draws its Title. The portal to the Irish plains is open right now at EgyptSlots, enter it right now to experience the exciting leprechaun search that’s going on. This slot game has a RTP of 95.24% that has 5 reels and 20 betways.



Play Rainbow Jackpots

The gameplay is all about Irish culture and folklores and therefore the players would find a lot Irish touch to everything in the game. From the symbols to the background, the music and the colours all are associated together to form a theme that gives a very realistic touch the Irish theme. Background shows a huge Irish plain with beautiful lush green lawns some small wonderful homes that house the local residents. The serene background adds a lot of visual appeal to the gameplay experience. Clear blue sky signified the peaceful environment in this beautiful green landscape. The slot box is covered under beautifully framed Irish furniture. The game’s logo has bee adjusted between the slot box and the furniture that covers the slot box. Symbols that form part of the gameplay are alphabets such as J,K,Q,A,10 and other Irish symbols such as Clovers, Horseshoes and The Leprechaun’s hat. Some special symbols such as the wilds and scatter make the game further interesting.

Play Rainbow Jackpots Bonus Features

The bonus features of this slot game are many. The first bonus feature is the free spins which is triggered by landing 3x or more scatter symbols on the screen. The player is prompted to select one of the three gold pots shown on the screen. Player is either rewarded free spins or rewarded with Lucky Leprechaun features. If the player lands 3x or more beer bonus symbols then that triggers the beer bonus feature which will show a screen to the user from which he will choose his symbols. Each symbol contains a hidden multiplier behind it. Another bonus feature is the Lucky Leprechaun feature which triggers itself randomly during the gameplay and may offer features to the player such as free spins, symbols swap, Mega Symbol swap and beer bonus.

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